On February 9th 2015, CFPC submitted applications for (continued) funding to the U.S. Department of Education. Grants are awarded through a competitive process which compares the written proposals and their budgets and scores on a variety of factors. This comparison takes months, so we patiently waited for some good news.

Unfortunately, the news we received was not what we’d hoped for. On July 24, 2015, we were notified that Florida Parent Center did not receive funding for any of the three PTI grant opportunities in Florida. Without the federal funding, as of October 1, 2015, CFPC/FPC is no longer be able to provide PTI services.

We will keep our website open, with its information and resources still available to the public, until the end of next summer.  We will, however, be removing the AWARE Project and its services.

What will CFPC continue to do?

– Act as fiscal and administrative support to Collier County’s Sharing the Commitment Project;

– Collaborate and partner with Florida Gulfcoast University on objectives related to parent involvement and mentoring;

– Maintain a roster of trained volunteers and facilitate matches for parents who are in need of emotional support or help with their children’s IEPs;

– Continue to maintain our searchable online database;

– Continue to post relevant links to our social networking sites;

– Schedule and facilitate webinars on topics related to disability and special education; and

– Collaborate and partner with other stakeholders as opportunities arise.

Our regular phone number (727-789-2400) will remain operational.  If you would like further information, feel free to contact us at


Thank you to all who, in the past nine years, have given us your support and trust.