Our Organizational Philosophies

Parent to ParentParents of children with disabilities, who have come to accept and understand their child’s disability, are one of the best sources of information and emotional support for other parents of children with special needs.

Cultural RespectThe key factor in successful outreach is demonstrating genuine and sincere respect for all people and cultures.  CFPC will engage community members in outreach efforts, and foster ongoing and collaborative relationships with community-based organizations and agencies, and faith-based organizations.

Grassroots Approach There is much research to support the effectiveness of local, community-based outreach to families.

Informed Choice The Board and staff feel strongly that it is our role to inform families of their choices, not to make choices for them.  Families have a right to choose from a full range of service delivery options without feeling that they are being judged for their choice.

Interactive Training “Lecture” style workshops are not always the most effective way of ensuring that participants retain complex information relating to IDEA.  CFPC staff members utilize an interactive style of training which focuses on discussion and real-life application.

Collaboration vs. Confrontation Often the largest barrier to effective interaction between parents and professionals (as well as between organizations) is harboring resentment over negative history and making judgments about the motives of others.  This project will focus on assisting individuals with letting go of negative history and being nonjudgmental, so as to “keep their eye on the ball” which is always the best interests of the child.