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Thank you for Your Work!

Message #614 . . . Posted 08/07/2015

I read with great sadness the news that your agency has not received DOE funding to continue. This is very disappointing because your organization has been a great resource to the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) and families of children with Prader-Willi syndrome in Florida. So I wanted to thank your staff for the fine work they've done with so many families in our state. Your organization will be greatly missed!

Sad and disappointed!!

Message #613 . . . Posted 08/06/2015

I was really sad and disappointed when I read your email dated July 29, 2015. I couldn't believe this was happening! Even though I don't have the privilege of knowing you in person, although some faces I can relate with, I know the expertise , commitment, and dedication that your organization has put in every job they do. These past two years,due to some medical reasons, I haven't been able to drive or go on my own. I have spent a lot of time researching and educating myself.

As a parent of a 33 yr. old young lady with developmental disabilities, it doesn't matter how an expert you are, there is always room to learn more. I was blessed to have registered in many of your Webinars related to different topics. I have always participated in Webinars on Disabilities, that's my passion. I am a very involved parent and even with my limitations, my husband and I try to go to as many conferences, mtgs, forums, etc.I can assure you the Webinars offered by CFPC are among the best that I've always participated in!!! They are so explicit, so well presented, so informative and at the same time, so down to earth and practical. I collected all of my Certificates of Attendance because that was an honor for me and they could help me in the future.

I am very frustrated that this is going on and I hope it doesn't mean it is going to be the end of an era, just a step back which hopefully could be reinstated again, for the benefit of all the families in Florida. To all of you at CFPC, I congratulate you on your hard work and dedication, I thank you for all I have learned, and pray to God we can continue sharing experiences with one another. God bless!!

Ana M. Lodeiro

to all at cfpc

DHub cap.jpg

Message #612 . . . Posted 07/30/2015

To all at Central Florida Parent Center,

You all have worked so hard to help so many families, and to make sure that all the children got everything they needed to succeed and to guide them in overcoming barriers that they would encounter though their life time. With your support, workshops and many, many calls from parents, looking for help, you have aided them on the road to their success.

Yes, I am one of parents that looked for help. I have learned a lot from you all. With what I have learned from you, it has helped my grandson to start High School this year and looking at going to college in four years.

Keep touch and see you on facebook.

Terry West

Invaluable service

Message #611 . . . Posted 07/29/2015

Kendall has been my IEP coach for over a year and her help has been invaluable. I have called her up crying and panicking at a complete loss about what my options and next steps were when fighting for more support for my son. The IEP process is extremely hard and confusing and wearing. The knowledge and support that Kendall provided helped me to better prepare and drive my IEP meetings, enabling me to have a stronger voice for my son. I consider these services absolutely critical. At my last IEP meeting, the school system brought ELEVEN people to the table in an attempt to railroad me and my concerns. Kendall helped me prepare for the meeting and I was able to get all of my points across and fight for what my son needed.

Kristine Benson

Please say it ain't so

Message #610 . . . Posted 07/29/2015

I am so sad to hear that Central Florida Parent Center did not get the renewal of their grant application for PTI. They have been invaluable to me and I have been able to help so many other families. This is absolutely devastating. They were all my 'go to' gals when I had questions about IDEA and IEPs and they broke it down in a way that I could understand and feel like I was capable of advocating to get what my son needs.

Paula Keyser

I have been blessed...

Message #609 . . . Posted 07/29/2015

I have been blessed to receive assistance from your agency. Please let me know if and how I can help. Hugs..Shawna

Shawn Jackson

Your services made a difference

Message #608 . . . Posted 07/29/2015

The trainings I received from CFPC made an impact not only with my family but with others that I helped along the way. I've used you as a resource to many families as part of my job providing them with your phone number, email, website and informing them of the webinars you offered. Your staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. I'm sad to learn that you are closing, where will families in Florida turn to next?

Barbara Aikens
NAMI Greater Orlando


Message #607 . . . Posted 07/29/2015

I am broken-hearted and near tears to hear that CFPC has lost its funding. I know first hand how much the staff truly cares, and the enormous amount of information they have to share. This is a loss for their service area community. Just crushed!! Thank you ladies for all your amazing work and giving strength and knowledge to parents of children with disabilities. We are stronger, more educated, and better advocates because of you. Warm wishes for all your future endeavors.

Theresa L Crowe

Services are Amazing!

Message #606 . . . Posted 06/267/2015

I have a son that falls thru most of the cracks in just about every system you can think of. I never know where to go to get help or how to even find resources. My son just turned 6 and up until now all has been smooth sailing when it came to what services he needed and him getting those services. So I was at a total loss when I attended his last IEP and was told he might not get a service he needs. I was disappointed, aggravated, and felt totally lost. What would happen to my son without this integral service? Well I wanted to help him but had no idea where to go.

This is when i was introduced to Central Florida Parent Center's services and especially Lynn. FINALLY, I felt like I had found somewhere that not only could help help me but WOULD help me every step of the way! I was not told to call somewhere else, I was not given a time limit on my conversation. I felt like if I had to talk to Lynn for 8 hours I could have. She not only directed me where to go to get the info I needed but helped me write a letter to the school to get the services my son needed. SHE LISTENED! and HELPED and that is absolutely priceless in our special needs world.

I am 100% sure that my son will get this service now because Lynn gave me the tools to empower myself! I finally can breathe an almost sigh of relief.

Susie Ames

so thankful

Message #605 . . . Posted 06/17/2015

The IEP process seemed very daunting to me at first. After working with Soraya, she gave me a lot of valuable information to help guide me to make educated decisions for my daughter's future. So many points I would have never known to address were resolved with her help.

I'm so thankful for this wonderful resource!

Amanda L

Programs like these are indispensable

Message #604 . . . Posted 06/16/2015

As a parent of a child with special needs, preparing for an IEP is a daunting, overwhelming and sometimes challenging task. There is just so much to know and sometimes it's difficult even navigating through the information. I for one am very thankful that I had Kendell on hand to go through my son's IEP draft. She gave me valuable feedback on things I would never have even known to ask.

She prepared me for everything that I could potentially face in that first meeting and gave me the confidence to be the best advocate for my son. As a result I was extremely happy with the results of our meeting with the Pre-K team and I felt a sense of pride knowing that I played an integral part in his education and success for the future. Please continue to offer these services to families, it's invaluable and Kendell is an amazing lady!!!! The Coniglio family

Carol Coniglio

Isabella, my granddaughter.

Message #603 . . . Posted 06/04/2015

The most precious gift we have is our granddaughter. She has had numerous behavior issues in school. An IEP was done in 2013. Last week an incident occurred which called for a "meeting of the minds" scheduled for yesterday. I immediately emailed Lynn Cyr at Central Florida Parent Center. She explained she could not be there in person but would be there via telephone.

We are so grateful to Lynn for asking the right questions and guiding us to make hopefully the right decisions. Thank you Lynn, you were a Godsend.

Sharon Small

Testimonial - IEP Coaching

Message #602 . . . Posted 06/03/2015

We are the parents of a child with a complex disability most likely from prenatal alcohol exposure (he is adopted). For five years we have seen multiple specialists, each diagnosing him with something different (Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD, Mood Disorder, Speech/Language Disorder, etc.). Finally we were encouraged to have him tested by Fetal Alcohol specialists and get a proper diagnosis. While he is able-bodied, he operates on a 4 year old level in a 9 year old body. He lacks executive function which means there isn't a voice directing him throughout the day. He doesn't have a working memory either making learning and building on new concepts very difficult. Given all of his misdiagnoses and the long road to learning the root of his difficulties with school, the district was having a difficult time knowing how to best serve his academic needs. This is where the IEP Coach was extremely helpful to us, she was able to listen to us and inform us of what programs are available to our son and how to ensure he receives the education he is entitled to. There have been multiple times that we did not feel the school system was being forthright with us, and other times that we simply didn't know the process. By having an IEP Coach who understands the system, we have been much better equipped to help our son.

It is very difficult for parents who are in the middle of dealing with a child with a disability to have the time and energy to learn and navigate the public school system. This service has been invaluable to us and we are extremely grateful for the assistance we have received.

James T Pearson

This program has saved my life

Message #601 . . . Posted 05/28/2015

Being new in the state of Florida, I don't really know what services are provided here. The anxiety that I have had from trying to establish services here in Fl. has been overwhelming. My child has an IEP from NY but the services differ greatly. Having an IEP coach like Ms. Cyr on my team has made this process so much easier. She has given me the leverage of knowing my rights as a parent and an advocate. My son has been awarded all the services that he is entitled to and its all thanks to her support.

I am truly thankful for this program.

Judith Alviola

Excellent Webinar

Message #600 . . . Posted 05/28/2015

Just wanted to congratulate CFPC for the excellent webinar presented on "Puberty and Beyond". It was amazing. Dr. Lohan is the kind of doctor we all want to have for our kids, such compassion, expertise, and eager to do special accommodations whenever they are needed. She should be giving the webinar to other physicians out there!!!

Ana M. Lodeiro

Thank you!!

Message #599 . . . Posted 05/26/2015

It was comforting having Doreen, present on the phone during the evaluation and IEP review meeting this morning, I don't have words to thank her.
Being able to read and review the evaluation reports beforehand, was such a great help. I didn't know parents were able to request copies of the reports before the meeting. The reports have so much information and it helps to deal with the emotions before the actual meeting.
I felt confident going in to the meeting after our conversations, your guidance and direction to the resources available.

Yolanda Herrera


Message #598 . . . Posted 05/23/2015

This was a very well put together collaboration amongst yourself. You provided many of us with great insight as to each step of puberty and beyond. What better way than to receive the information by a certified doctor. That to me is priceless. As a parent and advocate for children with special needs it provided me with a great deal of factual information that will benefit not only my family but other children. Thank you.



Message #597 . . . Posted 05/22/2015

Judith White of BEESS (Bureau of Exceptional Education & Student Services) did a wonderful job explaining the new graduation and secondary transition requirements in the State of Florida. I currently oversee APD's NE Region's Supported Employment Liaison; whom is very active in the interagency meetings in 19 of our 20 county school districts from the Jacksonville area to Flagler County and over to the rural counties surrounding the Gainesville area. Understanding the new requirements will be beneficial to APD staff, as we often share information at public forums in community settings. The entire community needs to understand and embrace these changes in order for our youth to successfully get the education and work experience they need. Thanks Central Florida Parent Center for bringing in Judith White for this webinar.

The Support You Need

1270667_10151921393443987_867143396_o (2).jpg

Message #596 . . . Posted 05/20/2015

As a parent, going to a new school district with my son is one of the biggest challenges I have faced. Walking in, I felt lost and overwhelmed because even though I've been going through the process with my son for 14 years, it was different in the new district. This district did not know my son and could not understand the progress that he has made, what I see as success, they see as a problem. Alissa was able to attend with me and frame my son and his experiences so they could see the progress that he has made. She was able to get them to see my son as a work in progress rather than a problem to be cast aside.


MTSS Webinar

Message #595 . . . Posted 05/15/2015

So happy I signed up for this. I am a guardian ad litem and one of my "kids" will benefit from what I learned. Also I am a grandmother of a 5-yr-old about to start school this fall and this information I will pass on to my son for his future use. Thank you.


Thank you

Message #594 . . . Posted 05/05/2015

Thank you Central Florida Parent Center for the valuable service you provide to parents. The help that I received from Kendell was insightful and important to my child's success in school. It is comforting to know there is concrete help from you to aid us through with overwhelming concerns about our children.

Melissa Pitkin

Thank You!!

Message #593 . . . Posted 04/24/2015

I was overwhelmed with the process of getting more support for my teen with special needs. After speaking with Kendell, I feel prepared for the next team meeting. Without her explanations and coaching, I wouldn't be as effective in advocating for my son. Thank you so much for the free services that you offer to parents that are in need of ESE information and advice in order to help their child.


Thank you

Message #592 . . . Posted 04/24/2015

Thank you Central Florida Parent Center for providing knowledge of Procedural Safeguards. This webinar helped to clarify questions that I had. It increased my knowledge of how to present and explain Procedural Safeguards to parents. This webinar was very informative and needs to be viewed by others. Thanks again.

Ruth Gardner
St Lucie County School Board

Very informative and beneficial webinars

Message #591 . . . Posted 04/21/2015

I have now participated in two webinars and am very appreciative of the information regarding IEPs as well as Differentiated Instruction. I feel that I am better prepared to answer parent's questions in regards to IEPs and advocate for children from my field of work. Thanks!

Erin Egnor

Thank You

Message #590 . . . Posted 04/21/2015

I have been working with the Parent Center for 2 years now and there aren't words to express the enormous help I have been given during that time from the people who work there. Kendell Kean has educated me on the ins and outs of the educational system of Central Florida, Orange county. I have only lived in Florida for 2 years and it has been a struggle. My child has behavior disorder and ADHD and there has been problem after problem with getting my child a quality education and because of the parent center and Kendell Kean I have knowledge which means I have a way to advocate for my child and his future. I just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart because with this help I don't know where my child would be right now.

Tamika G

Sincere Thanks and appreciation!

Message #589 . . . Posted 04/13/2015

I am a divorced mother of four children with two sons that have autism. I have always been an advocate for my boys and the previous schools they attended willingly have worked with me to ensure that they received a Free and Appropriate Education. We moved to Florida almost three years ago and my son has attended an elementary that would be described as the best in the district. I found that not to be so for their special education. After two years of unprofessionalism and not implementing his IEP, I had become very frustrated and disappointed with the schools neglect to follow the law and incorrect information given at IEP meetings until I met Mrs Kendell Kean.

She has helped me to navigate the special education system and better understand my sons rights to an Free and Appropriate Education. She has patiently taken the time to answer the difficult questions no one else had an answer to. Mrs. Kean has treated me with respect and has never hesitated to return my calls/emails, as well as provide knowledge/resources to empower me as an advocate for my son. Without her assistance, I strongly believe that my son would be another student who got lost in our education system due to his disability and biased attitudes of those persons who are to educate him.

Again thank you Central Florida Parent Center for providing hope and knowledge to families of special needs with Mrs Kendell Kean!
Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers

New Graduation and Secondary Transition Requirements: What Parents Need to Know

Message #588 . . . Posted 04/09/2015

Very informative webinar...Great presentation, handouts and follow up. Thank you for organizing this event.

With appreciation,
Christine Raptis-Wright
Learning Resource Specialist for Transition
The School District of Lee County

Christine Raptis-Wright

Professional Development

Message #587 . . . Posted 04/09/2015

This webinar consisted of informative and vital components that helped clarify/clear up a lot of questions parents had about their son's/daughter's transition status/decisions and how it influences their high school graduation/beyond. With this knowledge I feel like I can help the students and parents advocate a lot more for their needs in a more educated fashion.

Thank you guys for your time, consideration and endless efforts.

Mr. Adrian Chandler

Finally an IEP!!!


Message #586 . . . Posted 04/07/2015

OMG, Doreen, Lynn and Anna have been working with me to advocate for services for my youngest daughter for quite some time now. They helped me stay calm and ask for written policy, show the school and district written policy, speak with Florida Dept. of Education about my concerns which lead to involving the district administrator. Finally today my daughter was found eligible for an IEP and will start getting the truly individual help she has needed for soo long. I am beyond grateful for their hard work both individually and as a team with many late or long Go-To-Meetings and reassurances that we would not give up.

I am so pleased to have Central Florida Parent Center as a FREE and really invaluable resource so that I may advocate for my children effectively. I would have been completely lost without it and spinning in circles for two of my children. The hard work isn't completely done yet but I know we will persevere.

Christie Dorst

IEP Coach

Message #585 . . . Posted 04/06/2015

I wanted to thank Kendell for her recent help with my IEP questions. I was so frustrated with the conflicting stories I was getting from our school, and Kendell was able to give me the information that I needed to make decisions regarding our son with Down Syndrome. I am so thankful for your service and I'm sure we will be using it again in the future! Keep up the amazing work!

Molly Voth

You ladies are GODSENDS!!!

Message #584 . . . Posted 03/31/2015

Alissa and Anna, you were SUPER today! There are no words that can explain how much you helped me since meeting you. I’ve learned a lot from you ladies, even staff from the school district had a lesson!

I could not have attended the meeting without your support, and now my son will get all the services he needs. Knowledge is POWER! Thank you for such a SUCCESSFUL meeting!!!! Now I am on my way to spreading the word about your work, because sharing is caring!

Vikki Salomon

Great Info

Message #583 . . . Posted 03/26/2015

This webinar helped clear up a lot of questions I had about my son's moderate hearing loss. With this knowledge I feel like I can advocate for his needs in a more educated fashion.

Maca Carter

Services for Children with Hearing Loss: Providing Forward Thinking Intervention

Kelly and Kiersta 2012.jpg

Message #582 . . . Posted 03/23/2015

Thank you so much for hosting your webinar and having Kelly talk about communication options for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. We were one of those families that gave Kelly three years and my daughter is excelling with her listening and spoken language utilizing her bilateral cochlear implants. As a Family Resource Specialist for Early Steps, I will definitely be able to use the PowerPoint and the information from this webinar to assist families as they go through our early intervention program.


Re: Deaf / Hard of Hearing Webinar 3-20-2015

Message #581 . . . Posted 03/21/2015

Had to let you know. That was so, so good. Every parent of a child with hearing loss in Central FL should have seen it. Thanks so much for bringing it to us.


Thank you!

Message #580 . . . Posted 03/19/2015

All I can say is that ever since I contacted Kendell Kean, I feel better and more confident when I go to any meeting at my son's school. She has taught me so much and I'm very grateful and happy that I can count on you guys for advice. Also, Kendell always responds to my emails very quickly, which I really appreciate because I know that can be hard sometimes. Thank you!

Gretchen Diaz

Best Experience with IEP System I've had thus far!

Message #579 . . . Posted 03/13/2015

I spoke with Kendell Keane-Vinot, who made it a point to stay in touch with me until we got together and did the review of my son's IEP. She was persistent and caring and not at all what I expected. We got our appointment date (which was yesterday) and we phoned it and my son's IEP and other documentation appeared on the screen so all I had to do was follow along, how easy was that. I of course, took notes but she has them too and they will be on the documents she sends back to me. She pointed out items that were never brought to my attention before and I thank her for that. She went through every paragraph of the IEP for my son and left nothing out and asked many questions, good questions that made me think about what is best for him at this juncture.

I've had a great experience so far and I thank your organization for being there for parents like me.

Thank you again CFPC and to Kendell. She was an angel.

Anna Morrison

Awesome Resource !

Message #578 . . . Posted 03/12/2015

Thank you to Central Florida Parent Center. As I moved from Virginia, I was unsure on the IEP from Florida and the different options, Mrs. Lynn Cyr did an AMAZING job on pointing out what I needed to know. I feel confident going into the meeting with the school system because of it. She also provided me with more information so that I can continue the path of Transition Planning for my son. I also love the fact that this organization offers webinars that are convenient for me. Since I can’t move around a lot, the webinars enables me to get the information that I need in order to better serve my son’s needs.

Diana Hufty


Message #577 . . . Posted 03/07/2015

My gratitude and thanks to Anna, Lynn, and Soraya for their right on time guidance! I went to the class offered called "Those Wonderful Rights" one week before my son's IEP meeting. I learned of strategies as well as information that helped me know what questions to ask in order to develop a more effective IEP plan for my son. Plus, Anna made herself available to attend my son's IEP meeting via phone to offer additional guidance. What a blessing! What a team! Thanks to one and all!

Ruth Harrison

Best Information and Support

Message #576 . . . Posted 03/04/2015

I met with Doreen of the Parent Center the other day, it was so nice of her to take time out of her busy day and make the time to meet up with me. Thank You so much Doreen, you made such a difference in educating me with IEP information. She was so very helpful in helping me to understand IEP's when it comes to parent and teachers and staff meetings. I found out from her so much I didn't know. I recommend that you call the Parent Center with any questions you might have. The outreach is so valuable when it comes to our kids' education and services, we know nothing about but thru the Parent Center they will help you every step of the way.




Message #575 . . . Posted 02/09/2015

I wish I had the words to express what CFPC has meant to me and my family. Without the one-on-one help of Lynn and Anna, we would have been completely lost. Lynn spent hours on the phone with me preparing for our first meeting, helping me understand rules and all the meeting would entail. When things didn't go well, she was there as not only a coach but also to help this exhausted and scared momma keep moving forward.

In preparation for a second meeting Lynn AND Anna spent 5 hours with us preparing all the info and documents we would need. Then, even on the weekend, we were never far from their thoughts and when other ideas were considered they got together with me on a Sunday night. Our second meeting was a huge success and I am thrilled to say we are well on the way to getting my son the help he needs to thrive in public school. Without Lynn and Anna this would have NOT been possible. I suffered a traumatic brain injury 3 yrs ago and can not process this information. They helped me to understand the how's, whys, who and when's of the whole process.

This center is an invaluable tool for parents and guardians of children with special needs. God put people like this on earth to help others, I truly believe Lynn and Anna are two of them. A million thank you's will never be enough.

Tina Robertson

A Life Saver!!!!!

Message #574 . . . Posted 02/04/2015

Words will NEVER be enough to say Thank YOU TO Mr. Wilbur Hawke for all that he's done and continues to do to help me advocate for my son and navigate this maze of the ESE world! He's spent countless hours on the telephone and via email with me. Because of him, I'm moving slowly, but surely from emotions to advocacy. My son would not have the services he has today had it not been for him sharing the commitment and extending it toward me...and I'm not even in his area. I reside in Broward County.

I thank GOD for Mr. Hawke and pray that everything he touches prospers, just as how he's causing my life to prosper for my son.

Lynda Olds

Thanks to Wilbur

lois dec 2014.JPG

Message #573 . . . Posted 02/03/2015

I have spoken today with Wilbur Hawke and have been educated on the rights of parents and children with disabilities.  I do intend to read thru the materials he has given me and to view thru the websites he instructed me to look at. Just when I thought I knew the right way to approach a situation about my child, I have learned in over an hour there are different ways to handle things.

I would like to thank Wilbur Hawke for taking the time with me and being as patient as he was with me.

Lois Conti

Solid Support just what we need

Message #572 . . . Posted 01/27/2015

While searching "OHI" (since I am new the schools lingo) I came across the Parent Center, I did not know what it was or if it was something that could help me. I decided to call and WOW!! They are every confused and overwhelmed parent's dream team to have on their side. I am grateful beyond words to Mrs. Doreen and Mrs. Anna. Both very kind and extremely knowledgeable not to mention ready to jump in and help. Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


IEPs and 504s

Message #571 . . . Posted 01/21/2015

With just a quick phone call, Central Florida Parent Center was able to provide helpful information regarding IEPs and 504s. The IEP coach with which I spoke was friendly, knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Thank you for providing such a beneficial resource to parents and care givers.

Michelle Robinson


Message #570 . . . Posted 01/15/2015

I met with Ms. Soraya and immediately was impressed! I am a strong advocate for my son and felt I was educated on the IEP process. We love our school and the staff collaborating with us, but often felt that the process was consuming time versus pioneering solutions. There is a step process for the schools to follow, but I felt that with each month we were losing precious time to make a difference. After a year, I finally accepted defeat and began looking for private schools that specialize in teaching students with dyslexia. My son didn't want to change schools and I didn't want him to either, but I was at a loss. It all came clear after meeting with Ms. Soraya..she gave us hope that we can get a great education and have an SLD. I realized I wasn't educated enough on the IEP process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


kendell kean helped me with my son's IEP

Message #569 . . . Posted 01/13/2015

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Ms. Kendell Kean for helping me with my son's IEP. I was feeling really overwhelmed when I first reached out for help. I found the whole IEP process frustrating because I didn't know how to articulate what information I needed in my son's progress reports, and therefore I didn't know what he really needed in his IEP. Ms. Kean told me everything I needed to know. She was incredibly patient, and she took a lot of time explaining everything that I really needed to know. Thank you Ms. Kean!

Jessica Roubert

was lost, but now found

Message #568 . . . Posted 12/18/2014

I was so lost as to where to begin to get my daughter the proper evaluations. With much thanks and gratitude to Anna, I now know how to begin to get my daughter the help she needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jennifer Mathews

My New Partner!

Message #567 . . . Posted 12/9/2014

As a parent of a child with special needs, I have always felt alone. Until now!

For 4 years, it seems like I've been continuously battling to ensure my son gets the services he needs to succeed in school. We've been bullied, denied services, and even misled by school officials. Like many parents, I was frustrated and at wits end. Then someone told me about Kendell Kean with Central Florida Parent Center and I discovered I'm not alone anymore. Knowledge is power and CFPC is helping provide that knowledge. The best part is, Kendell is not just an IEP Coach, she is a parent who knows exactly what I am going through. I'm excited now and the future for my son is full of hope! (And lots of needed services that were not being provided before I knew my rights!)

Thank you for all you do and I look forward to getting to work to ensure my son has a bright future!!!!!

Kellie Exarhos

Heaven Sent

Message #566 . . . Posted 12/4/2014

Wow where can I begin and end this at. I am writing this to express how blessed I was to meet Ms. Kendell Kean. Just like many other parents I was stressed, frustrated, and confused. I have been dealing with my son's IEP problems for a year and a half.

However, when I spoke to Ms. Kendell she had a lot of patience. She took all the time I needed to break down my son's IEP to me. She pointed out the positives, the negatives, and showed me what an IEP is supposed to look like. After speaking with Ms. Kendell, she gave me the confidence that I lost. She enlightened me in more ways than one. I may not know everything there is to know or even win this battle. But what I do know is as long as there are people like Ms. Kendall out here, I will never quit and I don't have to fight this alone.

So again, Thank you so much for all that you do. Because of you, I will always be my son's #1 ADVOCATE!!!

Tanishea McPherson

So thankful for your help


Message #565 . . . Posted 11/21/2014

I just wanted to give praises for all the help given to us during our IEP meeting last week.

Laura Anderson

Amazing and much needed support

Message #564 . . . Posted 11/21/2014

Last year, after my son's first IEP meeting, I was feeling very overwhelmed and underinformed, so I sought out an IEP Coach. Kendell took the time to go over every single inch of my son's IEP, asking what I was concerned about and pointing out inconsistencies that I would never have known to ask about. It gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to call additional IEP meetings to make amendments and request more assessments that I felt had been overlooked.

Then, just this past week, my son's annual IEP meeting was due and the draft IEP was so far from what I was expecting that I again felt overwhelmed and unsure how to even approach the meeting. There was so much I wanted to address that I had no idea where to start. On incredibility short notice, Kendell held another long meeting with me, going over the draft and helping me put my thoughts into a clear agenda. She also really boosted my confidence and helped me get my emotion under control so that I was able to go into the meeting calm, organized, and confident. Her help has been absolutely immeasurable to me and my son as we fight to get the support he needs in one of the most notoriously stingy counties in Florida.

Kris Benson

Lifelong learning

Message #563 . . . Posted 11/19/2014

Central Florida Parent Center provides valuable information that has proven useful for my family in all areas of our lives. I discovered Central Florida Parent Center when my daughter was leaving the Early Steps program to enter the public school system. I look to them for guidance before every IEP meeting and whenever issues arise at school. A year ago, my husband had a severe stroke and is now home receiving various therapies. Much of what I learned from Central Florida Parent Center has been carried over into the care of my husband in his recovery - from collaborating with doctors and therapists to looking at things from a different perspective. Thank you!

Jean Woodard

IEP Parent Support Training

Message #562 . . . Posted 11/18/2014

Central Florida Parent Training staff are the best of the best when it comes to training parents. In my 19 year journey learning Special Education issues, I have attended hundreds of trainings from international conferences to local workshops. CFPC topped them all. They were informative, made you feel welcome from the beginning to the end. We build closer relationships with the participants and the trainers and that is just the beginning, they will continue to train us as we continue our journey to help other parents.
Thank you so much to each member of CFPC, with your guidance and help we can empower more families in their own journey in Special Education.


IEP Parent Support Training

Message #561 . . . Posted 11/18/2014

I recently attended a training to learn how to help support parents during the IEP process. I have to say it was a life changing experience. The staff at the Central Florida Parent Center are truly amazing people. I really felt a part of their family. I was given so much advice from how to comfort and support other families, to rights and procedures to help parents understand their child's IEP process. I will pay it forward for sure!! Big thank you to the Central Florida Parent Center!

Amy Gibson

Excellent Service and Assistance!!!

Message #560 . . . Posted 11/12/2014

I received a call from Mrs. Kendell Kean today shortly after requesting help. She was polite, patient, and enormously helpful! I was very frustrated and concerned with my son's education thus far. Kendell helped me in taking the next steps needed to help my autistic son with his educational needs. Her help was invaluable and I will be forever grateful for her assistance!

Susan Lance

Timely and Responsive

Message #559 . . . Posted 11/7/2014

I reached out to the Parent Center and in less than 24 hours I received a personable response from an individual who was prepared to offer access to resources and information. In this day and age I can't say this is the norm so I feel this organization and their staff go above and beyond the expectations as dedicated individuals who truly are concerned and care about the issues and the children being served. Thank you so much and I have great confidence that if I require further help or direction this organization and their staff will there for me and my son.

Marcie Delgado

problem solved!!

Message #558 . . . Posted 11/5/2014

I felt much like David did when he faced the giant, Goliath. But with the help I found here, my problem was immediately resolved, with only one phone call.


Lost without help!

Message #557 . . . Posted 11/4/2014

My husband and I were totally lost and confused as to what to do and what to say. Kendell Kean was an extreme amount of help to us. I can not express this enough. She guided us through this horrific process for our son's possible expulsion from school. She was full of knowledge and understanding. After speaking with her, we both felt more confident and secure in our knowledge of this process. She explained whatever we did not understand. She is a true asset to your staff. The Central Florida Parent Center was truly helpful at a time when we were confused and baffled by this terrible incident. Keep up the great work!

Susan M. Bagnall

Middle School and my son

Message #556 . . . Posted 11/4/2014

My son has an IEP and from what I have been told it is not the worst IEP, but it is pretty darn close. The things we discovered would do more harm than good. The scary part is that we would never have discovered it WITHOUT Central Florida Parent Center. Now we have a chance to make things right for my son and I am forever grateful for them. I know this is just the beginning of our adventure together and it gives our family peace to know we are not alone. Thank you so much!

Marga Cruz

Excellent help and advice!

Message #555 . . . Posted 10/30/2014

After I was advised my daughter's classroom was being changed without my authorization or input, I knew I needed to speak with someone to see if the school was violating any type of rules. I had no idea where to start or what to do, Kendall was who I got in touch with and she was so nice and helpful. I got in touch with all the right people and knew exactly what to say or what things to ask. The problem is still being resolved but I have had great help and guidance every step of the way! Thank you Central Florida Parent Center!

Amanda Piller

Wish I had found out about CFPC in the beginning...

Isa's IEP file.jpg

Message #554 . . . Posted 10/27/2014

I wish someone had told me about CFPC years ago. No parent should go through the RTI/ESE process alone. I can’t undo the past mistakes, but I will make sure that I let as many parents as I can know about CFPC. The information provided in the webinars is more than just helpful, its actually game changing! And Lynn Cyr is amazing, providing a voice of reason in all the insanity that parents deal with trying to do the right thing for their children. She gave me clarity in a situation that I had allowed my emotions to cloud my judgment. Parents should all be given 2 pieces of advice BEFORE attending a meeting with ESE - read, really read, the procedural safeguards 1st, then contact CFPC!

Ami V

Words Could not express

Message #553 . . . Posted 10/24/2014

Words could not express my gratitude for CFPC because I was so lost in this process it would distract me everyday. Until a friend came along and gave me CFPC's information and said, "Call Anna!"

It still took me some time, but I did and ever since that meeting, my life has become uncluttered. Just to know I have rights and my son is protected is huge for us. I thought the school held all the power and I just had to take every statement and every comment. For two years I said to the school, "What do I need to do? What can you do?" It was always the same story until they received my letter in writing, requesting for full evaluation under IDEA and asking for notice of refusal in writing. I signed consent within that week and the process has begun. I am a part of this process and for the first time, I feel empowered.

Anyone out there reading this, call CFPC.  It is the right move to make. I no longer walk into school with my head down. Thank you, Anna, for everything.  Without you, my life would still be cluttered.

Nikki Senecal



Message #552 . . . Posted 10/19/2014

Por que escribo mi Testimonio en español? porque quizá muchos Padres de Familia de sientan identificados con mi caso, Uno llega de su pais natal a Estados Unidos en " con una Barrera de idioma gigante" aunque a Pesar del tiempo uno va aprendiendo a desarrollarse, aprender el idioma y hasta conseguirlas un buen trabajo, nada lo hace sentir mejor que comunicarse con una persona con la misma lengua materna sin miedo a que juzguen la pronunciacion del ingles o de con la duda que lo que uno quiere explicar se interprete de otra manera. Yo estoy muy agradecida con Millie Pou, ya que Es una Bella y fina persona, dispuesta a ayudar y quien como uno dice, se pone en nuestros zapatos! Yo tuve la fortuna que me haya acompañado a la junta IEP de mi hija, ya que las cosas en su escuela no marchan bien y de alguna manera como Madre tengo que hacer valer sus Derechos ya que Ella no puede defenderse de manera verbal. Sin el apoyo, consejos y ayuda de Millie no me hubiera sentido tan confiada y hasta cierta forma protegida, y mi junta no hubiese tenido el exito deseado. Mil Gracias Millie, por todo!! Aveces cuando uno se siente perdido o pide ayuda a Dios, el nos envia Angeles aunque no veamos sus alas fisicamente.

Ampliamente Recomendable el apoyo de Central Florida Parent Center.

Martha Gibson

Empowerment from Soraya and Anna

Message #551 . . . Posted 10/15/2014

Thanks to Soraya and Anna I feel empowered to be a better advocate for my grandson with the information and assistance given to me from both of them. I really appreciate them spending time with me to help me understand the IEP itself and my rights as a parent.

Gloria Youngblood

Lynn Cyr

Message #550 . . . Posted 10/13/2014

CFPC services are priceless - A wealth of information! And then there's Lynn Cyr, one word describes her "OUTSTANDING". We have the utmost respect for Lynn. Her knowledge, professionalism, understanding, and charisma are remarkable. Lynn's passion to help children reach their full potential and needs is heart warming. Knowing that you have someone just a phone call, email, even a video conference away means a lot. It was refreshing to have a person look at your situation; reply back with clear cut options and solid directions. I would recommend CFPC and Lynn Cyr to everyone!

Monte and Kari Coates

Thank you Wilbur Hawke!


Message #549 . . . Posted 10/12/2014

I heard the name of Wilbur Hawke from just a handful of people. I was at the end of my rope dealing with the Lee County School System, and although Wilbur's name was mentioned, he was in Collier County, and I did not know if he could help me. I finally decided it was worth a simple phone call to see if he could at least provide me with information for Lee County. What did I have to lose?

I was so glad I did! He was a wealth of information and such a pleasant person! I enjoyed every minute of speaking with him, and he provided me with much more ... a great sense of relief that someone understood!

Crystal Pe

Could Not Have Done It... Part 2

Message #548 . . . Posted 10/9/2014

I wanted to follow up and through with my first Testimonial, as Part 2. Because you see there was no direct instructions in how many words you could use in this box.

I could write a book, on how difficult it is for a parent to navigate through the special education realm. I wanted to praise and thank CFPC for granting us parents the right and ability to obtain the free information, which is so necessary to access the power to be an equal participant at the IEP table. CFPC is a priceless and valuable resource. No matter what, they will pick up the phone and provide an ongoing, and if necessary repetitive clarification in their consultations. For some of us this is a must and it takes a saint to deal with a Tenacious Dyslexic. God Love Ya!


Could NOT have Done it with out Wilbur's ongoing clarification and direct Support.

Message #547 . . . Posted 10/8/2014

I am the parent (yes, a single parent) of a Child with Severe Dyslexia and other related issues, that are manifested in the spectrum of her severity, trying to obtain a FAPE for my child since Kindergarten, in the Florida Public School System. Because Dyslexia is known to be Genetic, it is fair to state that it is very likely that one or more of the child's parent's suffer from the same or like Language Based Disorder to some degree.

Because of this, we ourselves as Parents have a HUGE disadvantage, in understanding that the "IDEA" (Individual Disability Educational ACT), was and is not just an idea, created by a school...It is supposed to be a Federal based Law, that insures that our children and ourselves are not discriminated against IE: (children being denied the opportunity to a FAPE and as a parent, you have your own individual Rights and protections from being denied the clear and understandable knowledge of the procedural process, necessary to exercise those rights in a timely fashion). My greatest goal was to be my child's advocate, until she could be her own. But this quest took, lots of time and repeated support.


help from Lynn Cyr

Message #546 . . . Posted 10/2/2014

I have spoken with and emailed Lynn Cyr several times in the last few weeks. She is professional and has a wealth of knowledge. She is available for a meeting and can be a great starting point for you as a parent advocating for your child. Her knowledge and advice can be a stepping stone to further action. I really appreciate how she enlightened me on F.A.P.E. I may not use it in the future but it's good to know it's there if I need to.

Belinda Brewer

Thanks Lynn Cyr!!!

Message #545 . . . Posted 9/29/2014

So thankful to have been referred to these services! My child has been continuously falling through the cracks of the public school system. Lynn provided a wealth of information to help me understand the laws and my rights as a parent prior to meeting with the education team at her school. Lynn provided me with documents to bring to the meeting to support the accommodations I was requesting my daughter to have. The CFPC was extremely beneficial & I'm so grateful to have them as a resource!


Again Helpful and Informative

Message #544 . . . Posted 9/28/2014

Recently, I was blessed to have another chance to be educated by Soraya and Anna regarding ways to help my son. It has been the most challenging school year ever and, they have been there to answer my questions and help me through the process of another IEP meeting. Thank You Again CFPC for being there.

C. Smith

Very Informative Web Class

Message #543 . . . Posted 9/26/2014

"Understanding Dyslexia" was one of the best webinars I have seen. Great information and very helpful for Guardian Ad Litems, as many of our cases are children with dyslexia and other problems.

Karen S. Lucas

excellent help and a great resource.

Gavin and I.jpg

Message #542 . . . Posted 9/25/2014

I could not have gotten through the last year without the help from the IEP coach that has worked with my son Gavin and I. She has given me the knowledge to help my son and has given me the information to be an informed parent and better advocate for my son. When I first contacted Doreen Franklin for help, I was desperate and was calling in a last ditch effort only in desperation because I didn't know what to do to help my son anymore. I was in over my head with the school and needed help.

Doreen has given me not only the knowledge to advocate for what I know are my sons rights but she has also provided me with the encouragement to keep advocating. I can not express my gratitude enough to Central Florida Parent Center and especially to Doreen Franklin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Emily Westpfahl

Very Helpful!! Thank you!!!

Message #541 . . . Posted 9/22/2014

I truly enjoyed the webinar I attended on 9/9/14! The information provided was extremely clear and helpful! I will use the information I gained on this webinar to better serve our childcare providers and families as they navigate the system of care! Thank you!!

Jennifer Kingsland

Once again much needed assistance.

Message #540 . . . Posted 9/22/2014

I have struggled in the past for finding assistance in helping me help my child. I trusted the schools in knowing what my child needed to succeed. Until he was having medication side effects, I never knew what we were up against. Wilbur Hawke was referred to me by my child's therapist. He has been a godsend to my family . He has encouraged me to educate myself, and has been a tremendous mentor. I am forever dedicated to him for his continued support.

The funny part is you are not even located in my district. I am not aware or do not remember who is suppose to assist those in my district....kinda sad .....please come be a part of my district Lee County, FL. Central Florida Parent Center your programs rock and are easy to help me become an amazing advocate for my child!!

Tammy Benoit

Helpful and Hopeful

Message #539 . . . Posted 9/21/2014

I have three "twice exceptional" special needs children. Trying to get them all the help they need (and deserve) has been an overwhelming task, and one I tried to do alone for several years. I am so very grateful that now I have Doreen Franklin and Central Florida Parent Center!

Doreen is always there with a helping hand, a second opinion, wisdom to share, and most importantly hope and laughter. Just having her on speaker phone during numerous school meetings helped keep the school people involved honest and accurate. So often, she has jumped in with a simple question that brought BIG results. Unfortunately, crises with my children haven't always come with advance notice. Yet even at the last minutes, Doreen is always there to help calm me and give me focus to find a resolution.

I have referred so many people to Central Florida Parent Center -people from the various support groups I'm a part of as well as my students' parents. I've never heard anyone come back with anything but high praise for their experience. We need more resources like Central Florida Parent Center!

Paula Blake

Wonderful people Central Florida Parent Center

Message #538 . . . Posted 9/19/2014

Dear Central Florida Parent Center,

I have had a roller coaster before meeting you guys. I've been up and down. I've had nothing but success with your organization. In your organization I've learned the most difficult thing to deal with is having a disability myself, owning up to it, and then asking for help. With the help of your organization you have taught me number one, what a true advocate I am. You have put up with my questions, answering the phones, IEP's being taught numerous of times over and over again and have never gave up on me, nor shut me out and today I would like to thank all of you guys for the hard dedicated work you give to us parents with children with disabilities.

Also Mrs. Eileen I am giving a "special thanks" to you for having such a wonderful worker by the name of Mr. Wilbur Hawke, for he is the best. He is what a parent would ask for when they deal with children that are so hard to be educated right, with disabilities. He is the best. There has been times where other organizations refused to call back, not Central Florida Parent Center, no problem. After hours no problem. You guys are wonderful and I talk highly to others about you. I know no one is perfect but I do know that with children with disabilities God is very proud of your organization you have helped his kids and others, and I look for nothing but the best for your organization and the best.

Mrs. Eileen and when I see you and Mr. Wilbur I owe you guys so much that you're going to have to work with and I owe you tab for now. For your incredible organization deserves nothing but the best. From the bottom of my heart I Aretha Taylor would like to thank you.

Again Thanks Central Florida Parent Center

Aretha Taylor

Thank God For a Friend that helped me Find CFPC when I needed it

Message #537 . . . Posted 9/16/2014

Thank the Lord... For directing me in the right direction. I moved out here to Florida about a month ago and my son has a learning disability, ODD, and ADD and couldn't get the school to accommodate my son in his classes.  My sister in law told me about Maria Maldonado, Hispanic Liaison, and was able to get knowledge of what was I able to do for my son.  She recommended that I write a letter to the district and the School Principal. And helped me as I wrote the letter, she helped proof read so I had all the details. Finally my son is in school with all his accommodations. I am super excited that my son is able to go to school... I am so thankful for Maria Maldonado that has keep in contact with me by phone and email, helping and guiding me through the process thank you so much. I'm thankful for such program that as parent of a handicap child can find this type of help.

Milka Rodriguez

Who would have thought I'd need an IEP Coach!

Message #536 . . . Posted 9/10/2014

As a certified ESE teacher for several years, I have attended countless IEP meetings, sitting across parents who just nod in agreement with everything presented to them. Not knowing their rights nor reading their procedural safeguards, parents are often left without support during this important time of their children's lives. I’ve seen the confusion.

I have a daughter to which I suspect may need ESE services. Now, I will be the parent at the ESE meeting. Anxious and apprehensive about what the school will have to say about my child, I was informed from a colleague to call Central Florida Parent Center to assist me during this process. I’m so glad I did. Lynn Cyr responded to my email within the hour and scheduled a coach meeting for the same night. Our meeting at the school was the next day and Lyn said she could participate via phone.

Whoo Hoo! During our coach meeting Lynn explained my right as a parent and prepared us for several ‘What-If” situations. The meeting at my daughter’s school went well and Lynn’s presence was reassuring. Lynn’s repertoire of Florida ESE laws is endless. Her understanding of parents’ perspective - invaluable. Every parent should have an IEP coach at their child’s IEP meeting!!!

Leslie C.

Very impressed, grateful and humbled!!!

Message #535 . . . Posted 9/10/2014

For years, I have been searching for guidance for my special needs children and was not sure where to turn. I am so happy to have discovered this organization. Mrs. Lynn and Mrs. Eileen treated me with such respect and I am extremely grateful and humbled by this experience. I want to thank all the staff members, donors and contributors of this organization for their support. You have truly made a difference in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Mrs. Diaz

Help we needed so much . . . just when we needed it !

Message #534 . . . Posted 9/6/2014

When we first learned that two of our grandchildren had learning disabilities, we were lost and confused about what to do to help them. Fortunately, our research helped us discover the kind and knowledgeable staff at the Central Florida Parent Center in Palm Harbor. Without their help we would not have been able to get what we needed for our grandkids nor even know what to do or what to ask about.

We have been in touch by phone and in person with the outreach contact person, Millie Pou, and she has even come to our meetings with the children's school administrators and helped make sure we understood the processes and that the school understood our concerns ! We are so fortunate to have been helped by them and grateful to everyone that such a program exists.

Dazve & Lucie Winchell

Thank God for CFPC

Message #533 . . . Posted 9/4/2014

Recently, I had questions regarding my son's IEP being violated. Soraya quickly helped me and gave me the help and guidance to get the issues resolved. I don't know what we would do without CFPC. Thank You.

C. Smith

Thank you, Lynn C!

Message #532 . . . Posted 9/3/2014

I just went through my first IEP actually prepared! (have been through more than a few) Even having taken seminars on IEP, I never really felt like I had a clue and was generally a "yes" person and then felt trapped when things didn't work out and my kids needs weren't met. I found this organization by accident and for the first time since my kids were diagnosed, I actually have some REAL direction and understanding of their educational and medical needs and how to get them. Lynn C didn't only make the pieces fit, she had to bring in parts of the puzzle!

Paula C

Thank you so much.

Message #531 . . . Posted 8/28/2014

Having a newly diagnosed child in the autism spectrum, I felt so overwhelmed. Thank you Doreen Franklin for all the great, great information and resources. Doreen knew everything there is to know about how to advocate for my son and all the laws. She made me realize that we, as parents with a child with special needs, have the rights to ask for the best for them.
Thank you so much.


Thank you!

Message #530 . . . Posted 8/27/2014

For the first time in a while, I feel like we've found a resource that will help produce results. Thank you Wilbur and Anna.

Tom Waits


Message #529 . . . Posted 8/26/2014

We have a special needs child who is not receiving the services that he deserves in the public school system. My family and I felt hopeless and desperate. Fortunately, we found Kendell Kean and now have hope and cautious optimism. Her advice and knowledge are invaluable. She is intelligent, caring, and is willing to help us as much as is necessary, every step of the way.

The Central Florida Parent Center has been a Godsend.

Larry Fishman

Fantastic Resource and invaluable help at our IEP!!

Message #528 . . . Posted 8/26/2014

Kendell Kean has given our family a tremendous amount of help with my autistic son's IEP process. The Pinellas County school district was wanting to send him to another school for reasons relating to his ASD, and did not even prepare his IEP accurately. Kendell helped guide us thru the IEP, spending hours on the phone with me, reviewing his IEP, (adjusting the errors), sending me the appropriate laws to back up what we were asking for, and even sat in, via phone at my son's IEP, which lasted 3 hours! She has not left our side thru this arduous process!

We could not have asked for a better coach for my son's IEP! She is just FABULOUS! Such a great person, and support! I would, and have, recommend her, and CFPC to any parent in need of assistance with their IEP process!

Thank you again to Kendell, and CFPC for your service and devotion to our kids and parents in need!! :)

Carol Trievel Feeley

Great Assistance For My Autistic Son and His IEP

Message #527 . . . Posted 8/13/2014

We were floundering, trying to get someone to help us. My son is 19, and autistic, and in a Transitional HS. The school district is trying to transfer him out of his assigned school because of some behavioral issues related to his disability. They never tried to help my son, or do anything to assist him. They did not adjust his IEP.

I sought help from Central Florida Parent Center, and thank goodness I did! They have been so prompt in returning my calls and emails! I don't feel like I am alone in this battle! I feel like I have someone else on my side to help us to help our son.

Kendell has been so great about listening to the issues, reviewing my son's IEP, and guiding us in our next course of action!

I would recommend them to any parent with a child with special needs, and will be spreading the word!

Carol Feeley

I'm glad I found CPFC

Message #526 . . . Posted 8/10/2014

I just recently moved to Florida and was a bit lost. I was directed to this site by a friend and thank goodness for that. I was immediately contacted by my IEP Coach which shared with me a wealth of information to get me started on the right path. Thank you to my Coach Mrs. Lynn Cyr for all her help in guiding me though the process.

Diana Hufty

Thank you!


Message #525 . . . Posted 7/21/2014

Central Florida Parent Center is a real gem. First as they helped us starting on our journey with our oldest children. Thanks especially to Anna and Doreen who first started the journey with us. Teaching with accuracy and wisdom how to speak with the schools and work with them. Second giving me the privilege to work as an IEP Coach, helping others and learning more and more deeply how things work. You have helped prepare both my husband and I with the resources to face the new challenges of new schools in our new state of Maryland. You have helped to build our resource bank so that we can be the best advocates we can for our children. Thank you thank you thank you!

Katie Zanchettin


Message #524 . . . Posted 6/28/2014

Great resource!

Valeska McDonald

First webinar

Message #523 . . . Posted 6/14/2014

I attended my first webinar last night on IEP Meetings with someone that was so helpful in getting results for my daughter Kayla at her high school. Anna Byrnild and a group of other professionals did an awesome job and made it fun by turning it into a jeopardy game. It was very informative and we were told they would answer any questions at the end. I am truly thankful I came across CFPC, " My godsend!"


Kastein Watson

So thankful for Lynn Cyr

Message #522 . . . Posted 6/11/2014

My son just graduated from high school and we are over the moon. We contacted CFPC earlier this year for information. Lynn Cyr was a wealth of knowledge and her can-do approach was so appreciated and gave us hope. Her assistance and direction put actions in place to ensure success. The school worked with my son on a very focused plan that led to his graduation. We are forever grateful for the kind and loving support that we received from this organization.

Dianne Greene

Thank you Lynn....

Message #521 . . . Posted 6/3/2014

Before working with Lynn and CFPC, I felt completely lost and confused and not an integral member of my son's IEP team. Through working with Lynn, I felt that I was a more informed parent when it came to my son's educational rights and she was able to assist me through the process every step of the way and discussed with me the necessary factors that would have an impact on my son's education and how to negotiate and resolving the conflicts I had with the school district in the most peaceful and respectful way.

This helped to secure the best possible educational program and appropriate educational services for my child with special needs. The process was very simple and helped me feel so much more at ease with the IEP process. Thank you Lynn for all your help and encouragement! I highly recommend CFPC to any parent going through this process.

Ally Tribie

Can't thank them enough!

Message #520 . . . Posted 6/3/2014

We contacted The Central Florida Parent Center on a Friday and were desperate to get some last minute help for the following Monday's IEP meeting. Our Coach Lynn Cyr called us back within an hour and we set up a coaching for the next morning. Lynn went out of her way to assist us on a Saturday and spent 90 minutes with us on a computer conference walking us through what we need to do. She started our letter we needed to get done to hand in to our daughter's school and explained what we need to include. She was extremely knowledgeable and able to help us with many questions.

We have been through at least 6 previous IEP meetings, our daughter is 6 and has been through 5 years of school and summer school already. She is still nonverbal and not potty trained. We were clearly not getting the services our daughter needed.

Our IEP meeting went smoothly and having the necessary paperwork which included all of our requests in writing, finally got services we have failed to get her in the past. The day after the IEP meeting we received an email from our daughter's school speech therapist saying she had already spoken to the assistive technology department and they were putting Proloque2go on the therapists ipad to begin our daughter's trial with it during ESY. Thrilled!! Also got several other services we have previously been denied due to only vocalizing requests and not properly putting them on paper and having them officially documented on her IEP.

Lynn took time out of her weekend to help us and we can not thank her enough. Lynn was very reachable when we needed her and offered to phone conference into the meeting if we chose. She called us the afternoon of the meeting to find out how it went. Truly feel like she is friend I can trust after only 1st speaking to her 4 days ago. We could not have accomplished this without Lynn! She is amazing - we highly recommend the Central Florida Parent Center!!

Holley H

So glad i found this site


Message #519 . . . Posted 6/3/2014

Lynn was such a great help looking over evaluation results and listening to my concerns about my son. We were on the same page and it finally felt like someone was in my corner. We came up with a firm plan and agenda for the meeting. I definitely spoke up during this meeting because i was better prepared and had Lynn on the phone to step in if needed although she wasn't needed much. I only wish i had found her sooner.

Christie Dorst

Very Helpful Referral from Wilbur Hawke


Message #518 . . . Posted 5/31/2014

We live in Volusia County, and we have been trying to get a 504 Plan for our granddaughter since January, 2014. I called Central Florida Parent Center and was given the name of Wilbur Hawke. He gave me the name and number of the Senior Attorney of the Office of Civil Rights, Dept. of Ed. in Atlanta, GA., since this individual is the expert on Section 504 of the ADA.

With the help of this attorney, we were finally able to get a 504 Plan for our granddaughter, who is deaf in one ear. We would not have been able to accomplish this without his expert legal advice and knowledge. We are very grateful for his help, but without the referral from Mr. Hawke, we would not have been aware of this resource. Mr. Hawke listened to our situation, made recommendations, and knew exactly whom we should contact. Your agency provides a much needed service to the families in Central Florida, and Mr. Hawke is a valuable asset to the agency.


Mimi Kuhl


Message #517 . . . Posted 5/23/2014

First of all I have been working with Anna for quite some time and she has been a wealth of knowledge to our family morning, noon or night!

I invited her to attend my IEP meeting and of course once again she was there for our family. My son's staffing person explained to me that Anna could not attend the meeting by phone. I said why not and the staffing person said because she could record the meeting and we would never know.  When I hung up the phone I called Anna and immediately she helped me write a letter and including senate bill 1108 that states I do have that right to bring Anna with me and also verbiage and information about alternate participation meaning conference calling. Anna emailed me all of the documents that we included in our letter and I emailed it over to the school.  Within 10 minutes the school called me and said we can call Anna. I was shocked - so many years of being told things and I just listened.

Thank you Anna for your dedication and expertise in this area. You're the best!

Mrs. Hall

Great resource!

Message #516 . . . Posted 5/23/2014

I found my IEP coach both personable and knowledgeable about the IDEA act and the county that I reside in. She was very helpful with both suggestions and helping me understand my parental rights under the IDEA act.

I highly recommend this service for all parents that have children with IEPs and special needs. Thank you for your help and guidance as I feel more confident with the IEP process now.

Vanessa Kelly

Thank you for all your assistance Lynn

Message #515 . . . Posted 5/20/2014

Lynn has been such a great help to me. My family and I had just recently moved to Clermont, Florida, and we were really struggling with the transition to a new school. Lynn was such a great support to me since I really didn't know what I should do to help my children. She has a lot of knowledge and know-how. I was feeling overwhelmed and lost, but thanks to her, I believe I got great IEPs for both my kids.

Can't thank you enough Lynn,


Carolyn Ponzi

Thank Goodness for CFPC Guidance

Message #514 . . . Posted 5/20/2014

Where do I begin... First I would like to say THANK YOU again to Anna Brynild, who was a HUGE help. She was amazing with her support and guidance leading up to my 7 year old daughter's initial IEP meeting. She was a wealth of information. Anna was professional and very knowledgeable about legal rights and laws regarding services within the school system when dealing with IEP's. Anna was there every step of the way before, during and after the initial IEP meeting.

Because of her I felt confident going into the meeting as an advocate for my daughter. She even attended the meeting by conference call. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect scenario. Honestly I am still amazed how easy this process was because I had Central Florida Parent Center there for me. Thank you for offering this service to us!!!! I highly recommend this service to all parents going though this process.

Kasandra Holiday

Kendell Kean's Expertise Is Outstanding

Message #513. . . Posted 5/16/2014

Kendell Kean provided the needed support for our son's (who is autistic - Aspergers) IEP in Pasco County to:
- develop effective and appropriate IEP goals
- advocate for appropriate ASD evaluations
- overall support in this difficult IEP Process

Our family is very grateful for her assistance and knowledge and especially for helping us understand that it is necessary for families to be assertive advocates for the best interest of their child.

Thank you Kendell and Central Florida Parent Center for providing much needed support.

Kind Regards,
The Henry Family

Shelly Henry

So Helpful

Message #512. . . Posted 5/15/2014

I just wanted to take a moment to write how thankful I am for this incredible program. The system is so complicated and to have the support and guidance of someone who understands it is priceless. Kendell was a wealth of information and guided me through what I needed to do at my IEP meeting. I am so thankful for this tool.


Thanks for the advice and guidance

Message #511. . . Posted 5/15/2014

I recently emailed some questions to Central Florida Parent Center regarding IEPs and was immediately contacted by Anna Brynild. She set up a meeting to give me some insight on IEPs, the laws, and what to expect. I was so thankful to have come across this website by accident and learn a bit about the process and how it's all handled.

Thank you Anna for all the great advice and guidance you gave me and for being online for my first meeting. There is definitely a lot more to learn and if not for you I would have been totally lost. I truly thank you for answering my questions and then some.


Carol Dahlke

Thank You Doreen!

Message #510. . . Posted 5/13/2014

I recently sent an email to Doreen, the Southeast Rep...hoping to receive some direction on the IEP/504 process for my seven year old little boy. To my surprise, I received an email response the same day with some possible times to chat and get the discussion started. Within 24 hours, we were on the phone and not only did I receive some direction but I instantly had a connection with someone who was genuinely interested in our family and the strengths and challenges of my child.

Doreen was helpful, accommodating, consoling and honest. Talking with someone who has been there and done that was so refreshing..My only wish? Was that I did this 6 months ago. Not only did we discuss possible needs of my child over the short and long term, but Doreen also brought a wealth of other resources to my attention. Even though I know I have a long road ahead of working thru the process, I know feel more confident in my approach and options. My school has been amazing but it is more reassuring for me to have an unbiased knowledgeable resource who is a parent first and foremost and gets our situation.

To anyone wondering whether to make the call, don't hesitate. The time they give, all as a courtesy to help parents and children is above and beyond! I'm glad we are in the right hands.

Stacey S.



Message #509 . . . Posted 5/9/2014

After being an educator for ten years, being an advocate for children with special needs, and having a child with learning disabilities, I thought I would have picked some stuff up about how the process works. Well, after talking to Anna for a few short minutes, I realized I knew almost nothing! The school system is a secret, tricky maze through which to navigate, and if you don't have someone on your side to help, it can be extremely daunting; they will quickly take advantage of your ignorance!

I am so incredibly grateful to Anna, Lynn, and the team for informing me of my rights and the next steps in the IEP process. Thanks to Anna, we now have a clear idea of my son's academic issues and how the IEP can help, precise goals and their necessity and how they relate to his overall success, and how to get what we need.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Britt Blakey

The outcome :)

Message #508 . . . Posted 5/3/2014

I am so pleased with the outcome of my daughter's situation I had to come back and say "thank you" once again!! I just had my final IEP for this school year and I am amazed at how having the right group of people "CFPC" made the difference in our outcome. Not only is my daughter back at her zoned school, but she has the services she needs to be successful at the school and it's all thanks to wonderful, caring coaches like Lynn Cyr & Anna Brynild.

My daughter and I are eternally grateful for all the support and guidance we were given for our monumental success!! Lynn & Anna you are our "earthly angels."


Kastein & Kayla Watson

Gratitude for Central Florida Parent Center

Message #507 . . . Posted 5/1/2014

My son is in Kindergarten and we began our journey with IEP meetings two years ago with Pre-K services. Recently, I noticed things just didn't appear 'right' with his current services and IEP plan. But, I felt at a loss and thankfully, I was referred to reach out to CFPC!!! There are so many things that parents of children with special education needs don’t know about accessing and receiving services. And, I have been very grateful for all the support and advice I have received from Kendell.

Kendell helped me review my son’s IEP- she helped me identify hours where my son did not receive appropriate services or where his IEP was incorrectly dated and written. She also educated and advised me about my procedural safeguards under IDEA and shared suggestions that would help me address his needs. I am very much appreciative of Kendell's attendance in our recent meeting.

I cannot express how much gratitude I have for her advocacy and help... I was nearly in tears after the meeting of the thought that I do not believe I could have done this without her guidance. Kendell has helped me feel more confident to advocate for my child, and, for this I truly thank her!!!

Jennifer Magganas

Thank You For Your Service

Message #506 . . . Posted 4/30/2014

I want to say thank you for this service.

As a parent of a child with autisim I have had to have IEP meetings. They can be very stressful.  Kendell Kean has been helping me very much. I am so happy that she is available to help me with any questions that I have about my son's IEP.

Tammy Redmond

Best Support I Ever Had Over the Last 18 Years

Message #505 . . . Posted 4/30/2014

Although I have had numerous individuals over the years provide education, support, and advocacy to me, the mother of an almost 19-year-old son with numerous issues, the support I have received not only from the staff at the Central Florida Parent Center but from the very informative website including the ongoing webinars supercedes other similar agencies by far.

I especially would like to extend my heartful thanks to Wilbur Hawke who is committed to offer support and education to the parents on behalf of their disabled children/adults from the numerous hurdles encountered while raising a disabled child.

Thanks to you all - it does not go unnoticed and you are very much appreciated.

Marcie Delgado

Planet AWARE


Message #504 . . . Posted 4/24/2014

It was refreshing to attend a webinar that was hosted by a young adult with a disability made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed his presentation. Thank you Aaron



Message #503 . . . Posted 4/24/2014

Anna told me how great my son's IEP was. It seems nothing needs to be done to it right now. But she didn't stop there, she gave me advice for the immediate, near and far away future, what to do, what to say, when and to whom. I always learn something every day that I have any kind of exchange with the CFPC and its staff. I'm today because of it able to advocate for my child and that's priceless.

Vilma Ciocco

Thanks so much Millie Pou !!!!


Message #502 . . . Posted 4/22/2014

Hello Millie: I hope everything goes well over there, and that your grandson is better, I would like that when your pc this fixed let me know, to send all the new IEP, and assessments made ​​by the school , to my little one , two days later using the IPod, scored Mastered in everything, and for the first time YES ,in question your child is performing at grade level expectations.!! Thanks, thanks very much Millie ,you played an important role in all these changes.!!!From Jacksonville , Fl , with all our affection , Jorge & Lilian , Jorge Adrian Gutierrez Carrion parents.

Lilian M Carrion

Great guidance!

Message #501 . . . Posted 4/9/2014

Lynn was able to look at my son's complex IEP and quickly identify and prioritize some areas that needed strengthening. She was very accessible and able to clearly convey her impressions to me. She also emphasized a collaborative approach with my son's school, which I think is paramount. I will refer all parents of children with exceptionalities to use this service, and I will certainly use it again, as well.

Jessica Parker

CFPC spells Relief!

Message #500 . . . Posted 4/8/2014

★★★★★ CFPC was a wonderful tool to have access to in preparing for our most recent IEP meeting. My 15 year old daughter is "getting it" as far as self-advocacy and she was the central focus when discussing the IEP during our meeting with Lynn Cyr and Anna Brynild. They addressed her and respected her desires along with giving guidance on the essentials for transitioning and what I as a parent should be looking for in our next steps. I as a parent felt empowered and was able to address each of our concerns during the meeting I truly felt as if I was in a business meeting and THAT was actually a big RELIEF! Thank you for being here!

Grisel Wilkins

So grateful


Message #499 . . . Posted 4/8/2014

I am so grateful for all the wonderful advice and coaching that was provided in understanding the School jargon to try and discourage me. CFPC helped me in ways they can't imagine and also helped me keep my cool by just being very direct, professional and also making the school understand that I knew what they were taking about. We are on our way to the testing that she needs that they were so against and actually refused even though I had private testing done. I will keep you informed but meanwhile I definitely will spread word about this wonderful organization.

Michelle Washington

Lynn T. Cyr - a Person You Can Count On No Matter Where or When.


Message #498 . . . Posted 4/6/2014

During the last three weeks I was looking for someone that could help us with my daughter's IEP MEETING. Thank goodness that on the last day, a friend of mine referred me to Lynn T. Cyr. She worked with me one-on-one through the preparation before the day of the meeting. She was also there and asking questions to options that were nebulous. Thank you so much Lynn and CFPC you are angels sent from God.


Juan Roman & Xiomara Martinez

Magnificent outcome!!


Message #497 . . . Posted 3/28/2014

About two weeks ago I had an IEP MEETING w/ my daughter's school. At the end of the meeting we were informed that my D/HH daughter would be bused over an hour away to a school w/better resources. Needless to say this was not what me or my daughter wanted so I began to look for help and was blessed to come across Anna Brynild and Lynn Cyr who worked w/CFPC. Long story short these two amazing women helped me and my daughter get the results we wanted in 10 days. I said it before and I will say it again, CFPC is and was a godsend and me and my daughter are eternally grateful for the help of Anna and Lynn.


Kastein and Kayla Watson

Couldn't have done it without you!

Message #496 . . . Posted 3/23/2014

Well with the initial diagnosis almost one full year ago, and with all of the evaluations, doctor's appointments, school meetings, advocating, attempting to make heads or tails of the laws and our rights; all of these things and then some, CFPC, you can put another mark in the win column, we got our IEP. And I honestly don't think that we would have gotten it done without your expertise and guidance.

Somebody did something right in a big way when they created your organization. To say that there is a great need for the support and coaching that you provide to the parents who seek an IEP or 504 plan at their child's school is very much an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you for how much you have helped us during this difficult and challenging time.

Aaron & Michelle Arnett

"What a Difference Support Makes"

Message #495 . . . Posted 3/21/2014

I was so lucky to have had the support of Central Florida Parent Center via Alissa Perry. I had worked hard on preparing for our son's IEP meeting, but it was great to have someone go over my information, give her opinions and reassure me that I was on the right track. She was very helpful and participated with us via telephone in the IEP meeting. We felt her support and appreciated greatly her input every time we asked for her opinion. It is wonderful to have an organization that can help parents prepare for such an important meeting. God bless you Alissa and God bless CFPC. Keep up the great work you do!!!!! ]=-)

Sandra Gonzalez

Webinar Was a Great Resource

Message #494 . . . Posted 3/20/2014

For someone that is interested in becoming a Vision Teacher, the information was plentiful. The information will be a great resource tool for myself, staff and parents.

Sarah Alvin

Lynn, Anna and CFPC -- TRULY A GODSEND!!!

Message #493 . . . Posted 3/20/2014

I want to thank Lynn Cyr and Anna Brynild for their support and help during my grandson’s (Antonio) recent IEP meeting here in Seminole County. Back in December 2013 my grandson with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities came to live with me. I had no idea what an IEP or IDEA or EBD (or any of the other acronyms) meant. Upon searching online I came across Central Florida Parent Center. WHAT A GODSEND. Through a series of free seminars and webinars presented by CFPC, as well as personal assistance from Lynn via email and webinar, I was ready for the IEP meeting held on March 7, 2014. It truly blessed me that both Lynn and Anna were willing and able to attend the IEP meeting via speaker phone connection. Both ladies were so professional and intelligible about the entire process! Thanks Lynn and Anna and the Central Florida Parent Center for all you do!

Barbara Goree

First IEP Meeting


Message #492 . . . Posted 3/20/2014

I am so glad I contacted CFPC and met Doreen prior to Zach's first IEP meeting last month. The process of having my son evaluated and then doing the IEP can be very intimidating for a new parent but Doreen gave me a lot of information and reassurance that the process would go smoothly and most importantly, benefit my son Zachary.

Our first IEP meeting was a success for Zach since we were better prepared for the meeting, thanks to Doreen's knowledge and insight.


20/20 Hindsight webinar

Message #491 . . . Posted 3/20/2014

Thanks so much! I enjoyed the webinar and look forward to sharing the info with families I know... thanks!!

Teresa Donaldson Thomas

20/20 Hindsight webinar on 3/18/2014

Message #490 . . . Posted 3/19/2014

Thank you for the wealth of information. It was very informative and I am admittedly emotional as I continue this journey into my disability. I am grateful for the vision I have today.

Tim Edwards

Webinar on Vision - 3/18/2014

Message #489 . . . Posted 3/19/2014

This was a great webinar... I originally took it because I had a Kindergartener that was blind in my classroom. (I teach self-contained VE k-2). She has since gone to the St. Augustine School for the Deaf and Blind...I still was fascinated by all that I learned today...

Thank you for all that I received...

Lisa J. Hess

Lynn Cyr is/was Awesome!

Message #488 . . . Posted 3/19/2014

I just wanted to thank Lynn Cyr for her spot on advice and help during my daughter Abby's recent IEP here in Lake County. We met two days prior to the IEP meeting and Lynn came up with some very useful suggestions pertaining to new goals for Abby. She displayed great working knowledge of the ins and outs of IEPs, along with pitfalls of district policies and procedures. I can directly relate her coaching advice to finally snaring a new speech evaluation for Abby! Thanks Lynn and the Central Florida Parent Center for all you do!

Rosemarie Dowell

A Godsend!!

Message #487 . . . Posted 3/18/2014

My name is Kastein Watson and CFPC has been a godsend to me and my daughter Kayla. I was lost and didn't know what to do when my daughter's zoned school gave us 10 days to relocate to a school over an hour away so my daughter could receive D/HH services.
Lynn Cyr and Anna Brynild have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me and my child out. Regardless of the outcome I will always be eternally grateful for all they have done thus far on our behalf.


Kastein & Kayla Watson

Glad we contacted CFPC

Message #486 . . . Posted 3/10/2014

I am so glad we contacted Central Florida Parent Center to help out at our daughters IEP meeting. Kendell was able to state laws that were not being followed. She helped raised guided questions to get a response out of them.

Grace Lockert

Thanks to Doreen Franklin

Message #485 . . . Posted 3/10/2014

I am very grateful to CFPC and Doreen Franklin for all the help I have received for my grandson. She has provided me with so much information and advice. I had no idea that the school system and laws could be so complicated. Fighting for his rights has been a battle and Doreen has been there for us every step of the way.

Thank you so much,


Noel Proctor Re: IEP Coach


Message #484 . . . Posted 3/7/2014

To parents in need of advocacy,

I was in need of an IEP modification and parent support regarding my family's transition from state to state. The move of course meant my child's change of school. My child has a specific learning disability as well as diagnosed with emotional disturbance. When the time came to meet with our new school in Florida, I was terrified because I knew little of what the state had to offer as support services. I made a call to the Pasco County District School Board and they gave me the number to Central Florida Parent Center. I was then introduced to Mrs. Kendell Kean. Mrs. Kean met with me and sifted through the large data regarding my child's history of IEPs that I presented to her. Without hesitation Mrs. Kean assisted me and passed forward her skills, vast knowledge, and diligence in the area of the Florida Individualized Education program.

Mrs. Kean was an invaluable resource of information for me to advocate for my child, who is in of need of special education services in the Pasco County region of Florida. I am pleased to have had the unique of opportunity to work with her in my time of need. I would recommend Mrs. Kendell Kean of Central Florida Parent Center, to any parent in need of a child advocate.


Noel Proctor


Message #483 . . . Posted 3/6/2014

If the IEP is financed by the government to benefit students like my son Adam, then Kendell Kean is the person that helped me and still do, to develop in me to be son's advocate, to break any barriers created by whoever are giving parents like myself a hard time as if I am facing a struggle or sometimes a battle.

On behalf of Adam I do thank you Kendell for all your efforts and hours which had informed me with valuable info. I hope that your services continue and expands to benefit the IEP beneficiaries.

Ezz Arif

Much Needed Help

Message #482 . . . Posted 3/5/2014

I am grateful that CFPC is available for parents to utilize. We certainly need help navigating the many aspects of the law and its applicability for our children. It is comforting to know that I can turn to them to assist with regard to IEP issues.

Alexandra Silverman

Iep Coach

Message #481 . . . Posted 3/5/2014

The IEP coach from the Central Florida Parent Center is instrumental in helping me get the services I need for my severely disabled children.

She is courteous, professional, and returns phone calls and e-mails promptly. This is an excellent service for parents, who, if they are like me, are overwhelmed by not only their children's needs, but the incompetence of the school district which seems to operate without rhyme or reason.

As a U.S. taxpayer, I am getting more than my dollar's worth for these services.

Thank you.


Thank you Kendell Kean !!

Message #480 . . . Posted 3/5/2014

I am so thankful for the help and support of Kendell Kean. She has been so willing to talk to me and help me navigate my way through learning to be a better advocate for my child. She has separated rumor from fact and researched answers for me. She also has offered to attend a meeting with me with the PCSB. I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of facing this meeting alone and it will be a great relief to know that I have a support system joining me to help fight for my daughter's rights.

I am very appreciative for her help !

Katie Johnson


Message #479 . . . Posted 3/5/2014

I think this is a good first step in educating the public on the basics of Down Syndrome.  I would like to see a more educational focused power point.

Holly Trejo

Life Line in the process of IEP

Message #478 . . . Posted 2/26/2014

Anna Brynild has been outstanding with her knowledge and explanations of how to navigate the world of 504 & IEP. I have been begging the schools to help us and always just got the run around....! Since Anna has stepped in to educate & empower us as parents! We are finally getting somewhere with the school!

I believe that if I hadn't found Anna my son would of been one of the kids who fell through the crack!


Deborah & Marc Letourneau

On the road learning thanks to CFPC

Adrian at the Airport.jpg

Message #477 . . . Posted 2/22/2014

Central Florida Parent Center has become part of my family. They are more than a Non-Profit Organization helping parents understanding and training with the IEP Process, they are truly friends, conscious parents, grandparents, professionals, that would help and guide you in any question you may have, it doesn’t matter how small you think it is. When I had my child and the Down Syndrome was confirmed while we stayed at the Hospital, I passed for a grieving period, where I did not want to interact with anyone, I just wanted my baby, feed him, love him, and enjoy every stage of his first year. After my son turned one year-old, I started to search, and I found Central Florida Parent Center. My son is almost six years-old, I am at Kindergarten stage now. The stories, the vision, and the projection you share caught my attention. I wrote in the wall one day, and sooner than I thought, the same day, I received the phone call from Anna Brynild, who identified herself as a parent too, and we had a wonderful conversation. Later, I was honored to participate in the parent training, to be a Certified Volunteer IEP Support Parent, an experience that changed my life forever. I am AWARE of my rights as a parent, what resources are out there for us, how to look for collaboration instead to confrontation, but the most important lesson was to educate against the ignorance. Our children have a condition, not a contagious disease. They smile, cry, feel like anybody else. I we are here for them. As parents, we are the truly independent advocates for our children, to prepare them for a independent future, and to be at the top of any aspect that can cause delay, or regression in their achievements. Thank you CFPC, my friends, my advisors, my guide, and also, my crying shoulder. I am here for you too. If anyone needs to be listened, needs to share experience, I am part of your organization, and plain and simple, I am a parent too!


Central Florida Parent Center Presentation

Message #476 . . . Posted 2/16/2014

Anna's email after the webinar I attended was incredibly helpful to me, and I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciated the work you all did to provide us parents with these tools and links. I have another IEP meeting for one of my daughters next week, and this information will be a big help for me. I am a parent of four children receiving ESE services here in Orange County. I always feel overwhelmed before an IEP meeting, worried whether or not I will be able to get my child the services or accommodations that he or she needs to be successful. Your webinars have helped me find some of the answers, and to be better prepared before I go to into their IEP/IMP meetings. I just wanted to reach out to thank you personally for this assistance. What you are doing helps us to be better parent advocates for our children, and that is HUGE



Message #475 . . . Posted 2/13/2014

Over the last few months I've struggled with the process of obtaining an IEP for our ASD son. After talking with Katie I felt as if for the first time I had a starting point. It's so helpful having the guidance during such an emotional process. Thank you so much!! You've been wonderful!

Kristin Jones

It's nice to have someone on your side.

Message #474 . . . Posted 2/11/2014

I have been going through IEP meetings for my son for the last five years alone. It is difficult to advocate when you are so emotionally involved. I always felt like I had to defend my son, and even though I know better, I would blame myself, and wonder what I could have done differently that would have prevented this.

Over time I became more educated about the situation and I looked for help. I found Central Florida Parent Center, and that same day I received a call from Katie my IEP coach. Even though she attended by phone I knew I wasn't alone on my side of the table. She helped me to prepare, so I could be a better advocate, and knew just when to jump in at the meeting.  Thanks Katie!!


IEP Battle

Message #473 . . . Posted 2/4/2014

We are in the middle of a huge IEP battle for our son. Katie has been working with us to guide us through the legality (or lack thereof) of the school's actions. She also shows a deep understanding of the emotional aspects of this endeavor, both for us and for our son. She is someone I can cry to, vent to, and also a very valuable resource on strategies to help us win this battle.

Katie has been prompt in replying and always has our interests at heart. She never doubted us for a second!  Having Katie has been great for my peace of mind.

Thanks for everything!

Lynn Deady

I am very satisfy with the IEP Coach Kendell

Message #472 . . . Posted 1/31/2014

Central Florida Parent Center is been helping me with the IEP of my grandchildren and IEP Coach Kendell is been coaching me with both of my grandchildren's IEPs , I am very satisfy and happy with the services that i have been receiving plus the knowledge of Mrs. Kendell is been incredible how much i am learning to accomplish with both IEP's of grandchildren all due to the coaching of Mrs Kendell .



Message #471 . . . Posted 1/31/2014

I would like to give a special thanks to Alissa Perry & Kendall Kean for assisting me in a meeting at my daughter's school. It was a good feeling to have someone else on my side to help me understand some of the things that were going on. I have always attended 504 & IEP meetings and sit in the meetings and would be so lost. But thamks to Kendall Kean & Alissa Perry I feel like am really getting some answers to my requests that went unheard. One e-mail that Alissa assisted me in writing changed alot within a few days.. So with that been said, I really appreciate all that u do to help parents try to understand, all the up late nights (Alissa) stayed on the phone to help me get a better understanding I thank u so much...

Tiffany Mays

I would recommend CFPC...

Message #470 . . . Posted 1/14/2014

We have had an IEP for 12 years and my son is in high school for the first time. Kendell Kean was a great resource for me and advocating for my son's needs in 9th grade. Even after many years with an IEP, Kendell was able to show me how I can better advocate for my son and understand the law. I would recommend (and already have) CFPC to anyone needing support.

Amber S.

IEP Coach Services

Message #469 . . . Posted 1/30/2014

Dear Sir/Ma'am: Kendell Kean, IEP coach, was of great assistance regarding my severely autistic and intellectually delayed children. The School District wanted to place the children in a special education center twenty miles from home when a comparable ESE classroom existed at a nearby elementary school. Ms. Kendell assisted me with some information prior to the IEP meeting and attended the IEP meeting via teleconference. I was able to get the children placed in the ESE classroom of the nearby school because of her help.

I am continuing to engage Ms. Kendell's services because the school is refusing to provide transportation, even though it is stipulated in the IEP. Additionally, the school district plans to send the children to yet another school for the 2014-2015 school year.

Ms. Kendell is an important asset to my IEP planning process.

I became aware of her through my caseworker at the Agency For Persons With Disabilities, Tampa Florida office.

Thank you:

Cynthia Shao

Thank You!!!

Message #468 . . . Posted 1/27/2014

Just wanted to say how much Katie has helped me understand my son's IEP and his rights. I was not happy with my son's school situation and I was feeling helpless. The guidance and support Katie has given me has really helped me understand how to request changes and updates for his IEP. With her help I feel I will be able to get my son what he needs and feel more comfortable with the school system. THANKS!

Alison M

Best Parenting Resource

Message #467 . . . Posted 1/24/2014

I have been through 6 years of trying to get my child's IEP to start working for her. It has been a struggle to say the least. This is our first year at middle school and I have already had two meetings that seem to get no where. After contacting CFPC and having an online go to meeting, (which was super easy), with Kendell Kean, I can finally say that I am now prepared to attend another meeting and advocate for my child to get the education that my child deserves. Kendell thank you so much for listening to all my rants and frustrations, which were many. You are a saint. I now have hope which I never had before!

Sally Huber

Excellent IEP Coach

Message #466 . . . Posted 1/23/2014

I have learned so much from Kendell in the few phone meetings we have had. I feel empowered and educated and better able to serve my son's specific needs. I am grateful for this service and would have been and was completely lost and confused without this very valuable service. I am so glad I stumbled across centralfloridaparentcenter.org and emailed for help.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Message #465 . . . Posted 1/21/2014

My son's IEP meeting was coming up and I felt very nervous, overwhelmed, and unprepared. I was stressed about the meeting because I felt I didn’t have the knowledge to advocate for my son and also the language barrier since English is my second language. I called CFPC and Lynn Cyr helped me very much. She went over the drafted-IEP, explained all my questions, and helped create the agenda for the meeting. Furthermore, she provided valuable information and resources. She helped me ask essential questions for the meeting. Lynn, I really appreciate your help. You are very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I’m very grateful and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monica Melendez

Thank You...

Message #464 . . . Posted 1/16/2014

I've been trying to get my daughter an IEP since 2009 in two different states. I moved to FL hearing it would be easier. I was devastated to again experience being bullied by yet another school and crushed by another senseless denial. It's now 2014 and so much precious education time has been wasted and my daughter's self esteem has crumbled. Thanks to a recent referral to CFPC, I have received the assistance needed in my quest for an IEP and we "are on the right track now". Thank you so very much, Lynn and Anna. You have taught me a lot in just a few meetings. I look forward to working with you and I know we'll get the job done.

Kathy DeVita

Thank you CFPC!

Message #463 . . . Posted 1/13/2014

As the Family Engagement Specialist for Seminole County Public Schools, it is my responsibility to connect my parents with community resources. Finding the Central Florida Parent Center was like striking gold! Anna's delivery of the IEP Jeopardy workshop was just what my parents needed! She demystified the IEP process and delivered the information in a way that was easy for parents to understand. They were so excited and empowered after attending and the feedback was tremendous!

Thank you so much for all that you do!

Taucier Smalls-West
Seminole County Public Schools
Title I Family Engagement Specialist

Taucier Smalls-West

Extremely Grateful!!!!!

Message #462 . . . Posted 1/12/2014

I have been trying to navigate by myself over the last couple years with the rights my child has. I have been depending on the school system to help us out, especially while dealing with a child who is already going through so much. I learned that as a parent I had to be his voice. I finally got my son on an IEP last year, but sadly he has not improved. I felt like I had no where else to turn but thankfully my sons social worker gave me the number of a sweet lady named Katie Zanchettin who has been the first person in over a year that has been extremely helpful, pleasant and comforting. I really can't thank her enough and wish I would of met her a lot sooner. I was blown away by the knowledge and caring support she has had for our family in just the few conversations we've had. For the first time I feel like I have a much better understanding not just for me but mostly for my son!! Thank you so so much

Lori Green

Thank you to Doreen and CFPC

Message #461 . . . Posted 1/10/2014

Like a lot of other parents here, I found CFPC when my son's school was giving us the run around.  The administrators would not recognize my rights as his father, would not provide the services that he needed and refused to act in good faith.  As a result, he has had to repeat a grade and his grades are still poor the second time around.

I'm still working to remedy the situation, but by far the most important factor in our favor has been the help and guidance of Doreen. She provided us excellent advice and immediately  followed up by sending me a multitude of resources, just as she said she would.  She even gave me specific language to use in my communications with the school, which seems to have finally gotten their attention.

In addition to her knowledge from years of experience, Doreen actually listened to me and my concerns. It was an experience I hadn't had in far too long and a great relief. After months of stonewalling, the fact that she had been there before and was willing to take the time to listen and give advice was an enormous help.

I'm extremely grateful to Doreen and CFPC for her invaluable information and warm support. I plan on continuing to work with the Center and educating myself through the many resources they offer.


Thanks Kendell

Message #460 . . . Posted 12/27/2013

CFPC has been great to us, we especially want to thank Kendall Kean for her wonderful work, and dedication to the children she serves !!!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Message #459 . . . Posted 12/20/2013

I am gladly writing this in the hopes that others, who might find themselves in the same position as I was in, might have similar success. Anna and Doreen were giving a presentation on the topic of "IEP Jeopardy." I learned more from them in that presentation than I have learned in the past 10 years dealing with public school systems and advocating for my daughter. They gave me the confidence to address the school regarding my daughter's IEP. They helped cut through the "red tape" and the "rhetoric." They made themselves available via phone, and they attended meetings.

I, personally, feel that this is such a needed and valuable resource for parents and I feel that everyone should know about them. They made all the difference in the outcome of my daughter's IEP.

Chantai Snellgrove

Fantastic parent resource

CFPC 1.jpg

Message #458 . . . Posted 12/16/2013

CFPC has truly been an amazing asset to our families at the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville. We've had a number of presentations over the past few years, and it's always great to know they are just a phone call or email away. With the size of the Jacksonville (Duval County) school system, keeping up with educational topics and resources is difficult for our 3 person staff. To know there is the CFPC to help truly helps our workload, and we feel very confident in referring our families there. Thanks, especially to Katie Zatchettin, who reaches out often to inquire about putting on workshops and parent meetings.

Karen Prewitt


Message #457 . . . Posted 12/12/2013

Hi ! Just a few weeks ago, we were pulling at straws on how we could get help for our daughter, and then I ran a search on all her disorders and found Doreen Franklin.  For 4 years, I have fought with the school system to give us the testing she needs with an extensive IEP program.  We were told the district had no funding.  I got nowhere until Doreen provided me with the tools to get what our daughter needs.

A meeting was formed with many school personnel, and with Doreen attending the meeting by phone, we accomplished a little of what I was requesting for our daughter.  Without Doreen as our shadow, we would still be drawing the short straw.  Although our daughter is still having the same problems, we know things will start happening.  Doreen taught us baby steps so we wait for the happening.

Doreen provides information almost weekly, keeping us in the loop with all the new stuff that she can continue to still help our impossible dream.

Richard Koester

Twice gifted

Message #456 . . . Posted 12/12/2013

Mr, Wilbur Hawke was a godsend to me today. He dropped everything to council me for several hours. After being denied three times by the school for a 504 for my daughter based on her intelligence, I finally have the information I need to fight for her. I had all but given up. I don't know the outcome yet, but I no longer feel alone. I feel empowered! Now I'm going to help my daughter feel the same.

Lori Roberts

Moms Have A Voice

Message #455 . . . Posted 12/9/2013

I was privileged to have Anna help me when my daughter got kicked out of a Charter school on the first day of school. Being angry I wrote an article and CFPC reached out to me. Anna spent many hours helping me prepare for my IEP meeting. I felt lost but because of her I got services for my daughter that I could have only imagined. She is very knowledgable and does everything she can to help parents with their kids to fight harder.

Thank you for everything.

Kerlin Fedee

Thanks For Your Help

Message #454 . . . Posted 12/7/2013

After a whole school year wasted doing RTI's with my son the school was not doing anything for my son. I was lost and a day of jury duty I met a woman who told me about Central Florida and that they could help me get the school to finally act. After the principal told me I would just have to wait that there were alot of kids in front of my son Anna spent the time with me to write letters to the school to get them to hold an IEP eligiblity meeting. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere with the school if not for the help of Anna to show the school they were not sweeping my son under the rug.

Donna W


Message #453 . . . Posted 12/7/2013

I am a Waiver Support Coordinator with APD and have called on Anna SEVERAL times; she was there without hesitation. I have introduced her to several desperately distraught families who she was able to comfort as she assisted them with the issues surrounding their childs IEP’s as she shared her experiences and expertise. There’s a difference between some being able to follow directions because of a manual they've read and a person who has personal experiences because they've tread the same paths. Without Anna, her knowledge of the system(s) and her empathy, far too many families would have fallen through the cracks……Thanks Anna for all that you have done, are doing and will be doing to be a servant to those that are feeling lost in the sea of red tape that is within the board of ed.

Lynette W. Weeks

ANNA BRYNILD delivered

Message #452 . . . Posted 12/6/2013

We were bullied by the school district at our daughters IEP meeting and felt defeated. I found Central Florida Parent Center online and called for help. Not only did we find help in Anna but we found renewed hope. She helped us through the process. We ended up getting a lawyer but I'm not sure we would have even continued to fight for our daughters rights when we were intimidated so badly. Anna provided me with the knowledge to back our requests so we were empowered to do what is right for our child. THANK YOU Anna! Kiley would not be where she is today without you!

Lori Griggs

Knowledge is powerful for your children

Message #451 . . . Posted 12/6/2013

I have twins, both on the Autism Spectrum. One twin passed F-cat and the other failed in the third grade. He went to summer school and did not pass. My sense that this was not the appropriate place. He is repeating the 3rd grade and will take Sat 10 in December. I was beside myself. How did I let my son down.

The behaviorist gave me Doreen's name. I called her and we met.

She was amazed how poor his IEP was, She went over it and then I had a web meeting with Anna and Doreen. They helped me form an action plan. I could not undo last year but this year is much better. The team realizes that I have gained more knowledge about what should be on an IEP and not the usual Word program.

Knowledge is power and the school team knows that when I have a concern, it will be addressed. I have a good relationship with the school, which is important, but my concerns for my children are addressed in a timely manner.

I would not have this confidence without the people at Central Florida Parent Center. The webinars are excellent. Yes, Wilbur, I have learned to ask what is the base line.

Thank you for your help and patience.

Mary Thompson

I have a daughter...

Message #450 . . . Posted 12/6/2013

I have a daughter that had a head injury when she was two years old here in the State of Florida. I struggled getting the adequate help for her even with the ESE Program in my county. I met Ms. Anna Brynild at the Center that I worked where she brings her younger daughter for Preschool. She's being a blessing not only in my life but in my daughter's life; my child was struggling academically even with her IEP in the public school. Ms. Anna help me on how to understand the IEP of my child she make sure that the school was meeting her goals. I am grateful for the Central Florida Parent Center for having all this great services for our children with disabilities.

Lisbel Rodriguez

We Learned Years Worth of Knowledge in Days!

Message #449 . . . Posted 12/6/2013

As parent of two children receiving ESE services, one EP and the other an IEP, I have steadily been "learning the ropes" in 12 years worth of time advocating for my children. Each year has seemed to bring on new challenges and many times the struggles were with things that needed more and more research on my part to "figure out" solutions. Increasingly, it seems that the burden of this falls on the parents and empowering oneself has become another full time job.

Our eleven year old 6th grader faced a new challenge this year that I didn't feel prepared to handle confidently. I had pretty much been through standard IEP issues up until the school began an aggressive effort to do behavior incident reports. Before I knew it, my Asperger's son was facing out of school suspensions and a possible manifestation hearing. I reached out for support in this unfamiliar territory and was surprised to learn about the existence of the Central Florida Parent Center. I couldn't believe this kind of support was here for us.

Within minutes of speaking to the IEP Coach, Doreen Franklin, I knew that I had found a knowledgeable, powerful, caring, and supportive person to assist our family. I literally learned in a week what would have taken years more, if ever, to figure out on our own. Doreen took meticulous notes about our case, corresponded via text and email, sent valuable internet links for research and webinars, even attended the IEP meeting via phone conference! After the school meeting, a Positive Behavior Plan was in place and my son started coming home truly excited about his day and the teachers are addressing behavior challenges with better support from services. I felt like a ton of weight had come off my shoulders and was so excited about all I was learning.

Our family is very blessed to have the Central FL Parent Center to continue our quest help our son reach full potential. I hope they reach many more parents because it truly will change the lives of the families out there who need layers of support to facilitate the process of advocating for our children.

A ton of gratitude goes out from our hearts to Doreen for her dedication, experience, and warmth. Life changing moments and special people are always worth telling about! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I was referred to Central Florida parent center...

Message #448 . . . Posted 12/5/2013

I was referred to Central Florida parent center in a stressful time for my son & I. It was regarding his IEP for school. I registered online in the evening & Doreen contacted me the next day. I was very happy for all the help I was given & a lot of useful websites. Doreen was very patient & made me not feel so overwhelmed when we were discussing & going through the IEP prior to meetings. Also when I attended my sons IEP Doreen was able to attend by phone. I am grateful for this organization it has helped me very much.


A Heartfelt Thank You


Message #447 . . . Posted 12/3/2013:

Dear Wilbur,

I just wanted to send a very heartfelt thank you for your presentation at our Leadership Conference. While the group was small, the impact you had was large. In that room were people from multiple states, who collectively respond to well over 10,000 requests for information each year. You can tell it was a great presentation, because we never really got to the slides, yet people were furiously writing down information throughout the presentation. I know I learned a lot that I think will be helpful to many families that contact me throughout the year.

I also received an e-mail from Millie to work on setting up webinars about brain injury for the Parent Resource Centers, so this was a true win-win situation.

Thank you again, and you did a fantastic job covering a ton of information about special education services in a short period of time!

I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Greg Ayotte, CBIS
Director of Consumer Services
Brain Injury Association of America
1608 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110, Vienna, VA 22182
Phone: 703.584.8642│Fax: 703.761.0755│
Web: www.biausa.org

Brain Injury Association. The voice of brain injury.

Greg Ayotte

Wonderful Support

us3 best.jpg

Message #446 . . . Posted 10/30/2013:

In continuing the long, arduous, not to mention tedious IEP negotiation process in a school district that limits forward momentum ... Kendall Kean has been an exceptional support to my family and our son for his IEP. Without her we would not have the knowledge of the federal laws for the IEP process or the initiation of strategies that provide results. We continue to appreciate this organization and specifically Kendall's expertise and ready assistance.

Many Thanks
The Henry Family

Shelly Henry

You guys are AWESOME!


Message #445 . . . Posted 10/20/2013:

I have never met a greater group of ladies, who are more dedicated to their cause. From the first time I met Eileen and Candy I could see that we were destined to exchange a fair amount of great ideas and most importantly giggles! I am so glad to have met them and everyone else I have encountered at CPFC, they are the creme de la creme of helpful people!

Jade Kenneth
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