What is a Digital Conference?

It’s a series of webinars, all held on the same day – but instead of participants signing in individually from their homes, it’s an in-person collaborative event held at your school.  It’s like hosting a conference – only with none of the difficult prep work in advance.  Just connect computers to TVs, set up chairs, and welcome the participants when they arrive. 

What Will This Event Include?
Central Florida Parent Center, in partnership with the Florida Department of Education will live broadcast a variety of Guest Speakers on topics of interest to parents of students with disabilities.  The day will start with our Keynote Speaker, Monica Verra-Tirado, Bureau Chief, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, Florida Department of Education.  Then the rest of the day will include webinar presentations in English and Spanish on a variety of topics related to special education.

How will this work?
Hosting sites will be able to choose exactly which classes they will host. Each site will receive:

  • A digital flyer (in English and Spanish) for dissemination to educators and families, customized for their event.
  • A link to a registration page, developed especially for their local event, where parents can register and choose the classes they want to attend.
  • A toll-free number for families with low or no-technology access to register by phone.
  • Access to an online report, detailing the registrations received, up to and including the day of the event.
  • In advance of the event, each site will receive a supply of agendas for participants to receive as they arrive.
  • Each classroom at each hosting site will receive a box of handouts for each session.