Important Announcement


Please Help Us to Continue Working with Families – STATEWIDE!

Central Florida Parent Center (CFPC) staff proudly announces our intent to apply for funding as the Parent Training and Information (PTI) for all three regions of Florida: 1-North, 2-Central, and 3-South.  We are applying under our new nonprofit name:  Florida Parent Center, Inc.
CFPC has, since 2006, been funded by a grant from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to provide parents of children with disabilities in Region 2 with the guidance and information they need to actively participate in their children’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).  In that 8½ years, our staff has made quite an impact in our 30-county catchment area!  We have provided training and assistance to over 32,600 individuals in person and by phone, and have provided guidance and support through over 3,900 intensive and detailed one-on-one consultations.  In addition, our staff members have documented over 647,000 contacts by email!

Our project’s focus on collaboration and helping parents to form friendly relationships with their IEP team members – it works!  Parents consistently report that they feel more informed and confident (and way less frustrated!) while educators share that our assistance to parents makes the IEP process easier and less stressful for them as well.

Our current grant period ends September 30, 2015.  Please help us to continue the work we’ve begun – and to replicate our successful practices statewide! – by  writing a letter of support for Florida Parent Center which we can include within our grant proposal package!  Attached are sample letters for your review as well as a list of the priorities for the grant itself.

Thank you in advance for your support and prompt reply.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could send your letter by February 2, 2015.


Eileen Gilley, Executive Director
Florida Parent Center
1021 Delaware Ave.
Palm Harbor, FL  34683