Important Message

ProfessionalsA Message To All Educators & Other Professionals Who Visit Our Webpage:

First of all, welcome!  We are happy that you are here and that you are interested in knowing more about what we do!  We want you to see what we’re telling parents.  We want you to know that you can send parents to us and that we will be a positive influence.

That said, since you’re here, we have a number of things we’d like to share with you…

We are not advocates. Every single parent we work with understands that we do not represent nor speak on behalf of parents. Instead, we provide them with coaching, giving them the tools and information they need to be able to participate in their children’s educational planning and be confident in their own ability to advocate for their own child.

We never use words like “fight” or “battle.” A look around at this website and at our brochures and other training materials will confirm that we do not represent the IEP table as a battleground nor does our staff ever refer to the process of advocating for one’s child as a “fight for your rights.” Instead of perpetuating the concept of conflict and confrontation as inevitable, we use phrases such as “strategically planning your participation” and “collaborative but effective.”

It works.  Our Project’s focus on collaboration and helping parents to form friendly relationships with their IEP team members – it works!  Parents consistently report that they feel more informed and confident (and way less frustrated!) while educators share that our assistance to parents makes the IEP process easier and less stressful for them as well.

All of our services are free.  We offer one-on-one individualized assistance to every parent who calls.  (Just an FYI though – we cannot accept referrals – parents must contact us directly.)

The comment we hear most often:  “I wish I had found CFPC years ago!”  As an educator (or any professional with a connection to parents of children with disabilities), you can help families to access our services.  Click the link below to become a partner by filling out our Collaborative Agreement (it’s just a simple agreement, not a contract or anything).

Collaborative Agreement

Thank you for visiting!!  Before you leave, here are some cool places on our site which you might want to visit:

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Training Opportunities – Be sure to click on the link to our upcoming live webinars!  We often host guest speakers whose expertise is valuable to parents, educators, and other professionals, so keep an eye on that page.

Sharing the Commitment – A nationally-recognized model for county-wide collaboration, implemented in Collier County, check it out!

What Parents Want You to Know About Parent Involvement – The last part of a 4-part series, if you work with parents -we would like you to view this 10-minute presentation.

Come back and visit us again!