Regional Collaboration

calendarCentral Florida Parent Center is committed to establishing, maintaining, and participating in collaborative partnerships among central Florida agencies and organizations.  The purpose of this unified network is to draw upon the strengths of each participant organization, share resources, and avoid duplication of effort.

Organizations and agencies are welcome to participate in any of the following collaborative activities:

Social Networking:  Other organizations can like our Facebook page, follow our weekday posts, tweets, and blog entries, and promote their own services and events to our built-in audience by submitting information for us to include.

FB page

Email Listserv.  We have more than one listserv.  Why?  So that interested parties can sign up for only the information they want and need.  We have one listserv just for the purpose of sharing information and upcoming events both with and for our collaborative partners.  If you’d like to receive updates and announcements, please click here to sign up for one or more of our listservs. 

Online Shared Calendar.  Many entities have online calendars which include their own activities and events, but few can boast that their website calendar is open and available to other organizations and agencies to use as well.  Participating members can post their upcoming events to directly our online calendar 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to use!  Click here.