Sample Support Letter – From a Professional

Please feel free to customize this letter to illustrate your past experience with Central Florida Parent Center staff. We truly appreciate your support!



Ms. Eileen Gilley, Executive Director
Florida Parent Center, Inc.
1021 Delaware Ave.
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Dear Ms. Gilley:

On behalf of ___________________________, I am pleased to write this letter of support for Florida Parent Center for the Parent Training and Information Centers Grant Award CFDA 84.328M, to continue to serve as the Parent Training and Information Center for Region 2, and to expand their successful activities into Florida’s Region 1 and 3, so that families can seamlessly access their services statewide.

Over the past eight years, the staff members of the Central Florida PTI project have demonstrated an unprecedented commitment to developing family/school partnerships to improve outcomes for children with disabilities. The guidance and information that they provide to families is consistently aimed toward positive problem-solving and proactive teambuilding. Project staff works with families to foster an understanding of the process which gives them the power to effect change while developing and maintaining friendly and collaborative relationships with the IEP team.

We are confident that staff of Florida Parent Center is fully capable of meeting the statewide need for information, assistance, and training as outlined in their proposal. We are pleased to offer our support and look forward to working with you to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families in Florida.