Training Opportunities

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Federal regulations, state rules, and district policies and procedures related to special education can be very confusing, causing the process to be sometimes difficult to navigate and the paperwork hard to understand.  Central Florida Parent Center provides a number of different types of training opportunities to meet the needs of parents – who all have different schedules and levels of access to technology.

webinar CFPC Webinars – Participants can sign up for online live webinars in advance.  At the scheduled time, the speaker (or team of speakers) will allow everyone to see their computer screen.  

It’s like looking over the presenter’s shoulder, watching their mouse move as they run PowerPoint presentations, surf the web to show useful resources, or share other materials with the group.  The audience can hear the commentary, either through their computer speakers (or headphones) or through a call-in number which is provided in advance.  

Audience members can also submit questions of the presenter(s), who are sometimes CFPC employees – or sometimes they are special guests with specific areas of expertise who are invited by CFPC.

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In-Person Workshops
 – We still provide our interactive workshops, upon request, for groups of parents, usually in conjunction with an event such as a conference.  Each of our workshop presentations are designed to be presented in either 60 or 90-minute time slots.

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Online Presentations - Central Florida Parent Center hosts several online automated presentations which, since they are not live, are available for viewing 24/7.  

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