CFPC Coaching Modules

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These short presentations offer targeted training on specific topics related to special education.

CFPC Internet Tour
We picked some of our favorite sites to share in a guided tour.  Included are sites that will be helpful to parents of children in special education!

Manifestation Determination Review Meeting
Outlines the purpose and process for manifestation determination review meetings following disciplinary actions by the school that result in expulsion or a change in placement.

Explains the concept of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) as it applies to students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act (IDEA).

Related Services
Explains the critical steps in determining how and what related services will be provided in a child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Accommodations and Modifications
Explains the difference between accommodations and modifications and what effect each has.

Conflict Resolution
There are clearly defined options when issues related to the education of children with disabilities under IDEA are not being resolved informally.

Chain of Command
When trying to resolve an issue within the Special Education process, it’s helpful to know and understand the Chain of Command.

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
If parents disagree with the results of an individual evaluation, they can request an IEE.

Documenting Behaviors
If a child exhibits behaviors that interfere with learning, it’s time to start documenting.