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We provide our interactive workshops upon request, for groups of parents, usually in conjunction with an event such as a conference.  All of our “in-person” presentations are available to groups who request them at absolutely no cost.  We will bring our own equipment, helpful handouts, and everything that we need to present our program.

All of our presentations are available in Spanish also.

As you will see, most of our presentations are designed to fit within an hour-and-a-half to two-hour time slot.  For conference events with shorter breakout sessions, we would prefer to break our presentations into two parts.  However, if a shorter session is needed, we can, of course, accommodate.

Training Presentations

The Individualized Education Program Jeopardy Game

IEP Jeopardy! 
Presentation time:  90 – 120 minutes

Enjoy yourself and learn in this fun and interactive presentation in which your host takes you through the fast-paced game of IEP Jeopardy. Categories include: So What’s the Big IDEA, Evaluation and Eligibility, The IEP Meeting, Paperwork, Goals, and Finding Solutions.

Work together in teams to find the ‘question’ in Double Jeopardy. Will your team win it all in Final Jeopardy?

The following IEP Jeopardy! “mini-workshops” (20-30 minutes each)
are also available for presentation:

IEP Jeopardy: So What’s the Big IDEA?
IEP Jeopardy: Evaluation & Eligibility
IEP Jeopardy: The IEP Meeting
IEP Jeopardy: Look at All This Paperwork!
IEP Jeopardy: Goals & Services
IEP Jeopardy: Finding Solutions

It's Those Wonderful Rights Game photo

It’s Those Wonderful Rights

Presentation time:  90 – 120 minutes

Characters from the holiday classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” assist in presenting this fun and interactive presentation about procedural safeguards.   These provisions, in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA), protect parents’ and students’ rights with respect to the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE).With rights come responsibilities, and understanding their rights and responsibilities will help parents to become informed and active participants in the special education process.  Come celebrate those Wonderful Rights!

Girl climbing a brick wall wearing assistance harness and safety apparatus

Getting Over the Wall
Communicating in the IEP

Presentation time:  90 – 120 minutes

Both parents and educators report that I.E.P. meetings are some of the most stressful events of each school year.  Why?  Why would a meeting which generally only takes place once each year cause such anxiety?  This fun and interactive workshop examines the IEP experience from both sides of the table and explores proactive solutions for positive communication and collaborative results.


RESPECT spelling out in letters on a  bulletin boardIt’s About Respect:
Disability Awareness Training

Presentation time:  40 – 60 minutes

 This presentation is designed to provide insight that will be helpful in working with adults and children with disabilities and their parents.  This workshop is not about “PC” or “political correctness,” it’s about acknowledging a person’s humanness.  It’s about respect.

Discussed during this presentation are topics including “Person-First Language,” stereotypes, and the use of slurs; an overview of the top ten disabilities (by prevalence) and their  characteristics; and many helpful tips for interaction, education, and communication with adults and children with disabilities and their parents.

A B C D letters next to a pile of books

The Language of Disability
Presentation time:  10 – 20 minutes

An excerpt from  “It’s About Respect” workshop (above), this presentation  covers only the issues related to respectful language and terminology.

See our online presentation, click here.


Central Florida Parent Center Overview AWARE Assistanting with Achieving Results in Education

Central Florida Parent Center Overview

Presentation time:  15 – 60 minutes

Learn all about the Central Florida Parent Center and the AWARE project, the Parent Training & Information Center (PTI) for central and northeast Florida.


 Host an In-Person Workshop!

If you know a group of parents (at least 7-10) who would benefit from an in-person training and you would like to host a workshop, please submit the following information:

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